Posted on July 7, 2014


A few weeks ago, Abe and I were invited by @momwhoruns to come to the launch of YamChopsTO, a vegetarian butcher shop. That might seem to be a misnomer but it really is not once you get to sample what they offer. I must say vegetarian/vegan food has come a long way.

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Where it used to be that vegetarian food doesn’t come close to being hearty as it meat counterparts, I must say what I have tasted could easily satisfy. From the tuna-less sliders to the carrot lox bites, to the Korean BBQ Vegetable Chicken, the flavour of each one is deep and really reminds me of the real thing. The sweetest one was that the coconut bacon was the closest to a crisp smoky bacon that I have tasted. The texture was right, the smell was right and the taste surely did not disappoint. Moving on to their fresh juices, I tried every flavour and my favourite was the “Nothing But Apple” juice. It has such a clean taste to it, I want truly want to finish the whole bottle.

Yam Chops also have a variety of veggie burgers and sausages, it sure takes away the stereotype of just using tofu for anything vegetarian. I now wonder how they compare. If they are like the ones that I have tasted, Yam Chops surely has expanded the horizon for a lot of vegetarian/vegan enthusiasts.

Thank you for the invitation @momwhoruns! It was surely good to see you and eat good food at the same time. Take a swing by Yam Chops and try it for yourself. Just don’t take my word for it. Maybe this store would convert you.

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