Posted on October 7, 2014


One very good meal that I have kept to myself was one I had with my friend Helen at Mississauga. I have been invited to Cagney’s several times but I could never find the time to fit it in. Similar to this restaurant, I did not realize with the crazy schedule that I keep, I haven’t seen my good friend Helen since we got together last Christmas. So it was but natural to have her top of my list when I came back from Barcelona and Cagney’s was a natural choice for me to go to. You could say that I just literally have that “two birds with one stone” moments.

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I made the silliest of mistakes when I was trying to find Cagneys at Streetsville. I thought it was by the line of small shops at Queen St and I was going in circles trying to find parking. Good thing that my friend Helen gave me a call and told me that Cagneys was actually in a strip mall a bit north of the small shops where parking lots were a dime a dozen.

Walking in the restaurant, we came first by the lounge on the right. I could see further that there were dining tables on the left and when asked where we wanted to go, we said in unison that we prefer to be in the dining area. Such an irony for Helen and me to be in a wine bar when we hardly drink. Jetlagged and still fatigued, I knew drinking was out of the question. I was glad I was with Helen as we both opted just glasses of water with our food.

For that night, Helen and I decided to start with Cagneys flat bread (adorned with caramelized onions,grape tomatoes, feta, goat cheese, pesto, arugula and balsamic glaze). I had a craving for sticky finger-lickin kind of ribs and Helen went for the stuffed chicken supreme. As we waited, Helen and I got back in tune with each other so effortlessly that I still find it hard to believe I have not seen her for so long. I really take comfort that I have a friendship like I have with Helen.

From the bread basket to the flat bread and to our mains, it was a joy to share the meal. The ribs most especially was so tender, it willingly fell off the bone. Such a generous serving, I brought half the plate home with me. I cannot comprehend why the restaurant is not as popular as their food was clearly very well thought and very well presented. I have mentioned it to another friend who lives in Mississauga and she tells me that she actually just tried it. Just like me, she was raving about it. At least from that point, I was not alone in my perception of the Cagneys experience. I guess I have found another Mississauga meeting place for when I see my old friends. :)

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