St. Andrew Poultry

Posted on November 23, 2014


Over a week ago, I was invited to visit St Andrew Poultry at Kensington Market. From the invitation I have learned that they are known to be primarily a butcher shop but they have reinvented their store and now it comes with a foodie bar. An array of hot and cold food that can be eaten in or ordered to go, it was a place where variety was not a problem.

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Getting in, the place was brightly lit with the kitchen on left and cooler displays on the right. I was received at the door right away by the resident “chicken dentist” and owner Jerry Jesin. I was a few minutes early and I had the chance to loiter around the butcher shop/store that I got good images of the space. A lot of what I see are prepped food cooked and uncooked up for purchase, easy enough to bring home. It was later part of the introduction from Chef Bernadette Calpito of how many restaurant quality chicken, lamb and beef in a marinade that can be bought and brought home from St. Andrews Poultry. I should mention that if you get to be a member of their Supper Club, you can swing by any day by St. Andrew Poultry’s by 5pm and grab food for dinner, 20% off.

For the night we were able to try 2-bite burgers with in-house baked buns, lasagna, fried chicken, a variety of salads, short ribs and lamb shawarma. By the time we reached desserts, I did not have any more space for the freshly baked banana bread. When we were given our loots bags, there were more sweets in a bag of mini chocolate chips cookies. I was one really happy foodie!

Keep an eye for their holiday menu where you can order a full turkey ready for pick-up! It is quite a novel idea for anyone who is too busy during the Christmas rush. Click here to get see their menu.

Thank you once again St Andrew Poultry for the hospitality!

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