Fancy Franks

Posted on February 3, 2015


Sometimes, I find myself wanting a simple snack.  Nothing too heavy but with enough weight that would tide me over.  What I find mostly in Toronto that in-between snacks are more of a sweet nature.  My main problem is that I lean toward salty and savoury and most snacking places tend to have sweet on their menu to tide you over.  Finding myself in Kensington Market one afternoon,  I walked in Fancy Franks.  I had an invitation to try them once before but never found the opportunity to try it.  That afternoon, I was in the mood for a good meaty hotdog.

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I didn’t really know what to expect when I came in.  I figured if the food came in big portions, I can always just eat half of it.  As I checked out the menu, I finally found what would be perfect for me.  I found that they actually have corn dogs.  I have a weakness for it as it’s always served warm, crunchy and yes, very very savoury.

There is a twist to it though. At Fancy Frank’s the corn dog comes loaded.  One can choose from an array of options up the counter.  I ended up topping mine with curry ketchup, cheese mayo and green onions.  My corn dog looked so fancy that I of course spent some time to take pictures of it.  It’s just the way things go when I find food to be too photogenic.  Let’s just say it’s a work hazard.  And yep, the corn dog did the trick of pacifying my need for a snack.

I ended the meal with their donuts. Seeing it in their menu, I couldn’t help myself and ordered the half a dozen option.  It came with a generous sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar and each bite was like biting into a fluffy pillow of decadence.  It was rather surprising as I was expecting something else but I loved the sensation of biting to it.  I was actually sad when I had my last bite. I actually considered to get a second serving but I was just too full.  My snack turned into a full meal.

It was indeed a good find.  Sweet and savoury in one sitting, always a good thing.

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