One of A Kind Show Spring 2015

Posted on March 26, 2015


I have always enjoyed milling through unique things. It never fails to entertain me to discover ingenious creations. I often can’t help myself and I do collect them every now and then. I have been noticing though that it is often that I find myself going to the One Of A Kind Shows. Twice every year in Toronto, the first of the series, the spring show, just opened today. Going there with my EyeCandyTO partner in crime, Abe Wornovitzky, made it more fun, as we try and fuss on different things. I have placed a lot of items in the slideshow but I have narrowed down some that really captured my attention. The One of a Kind Spring Show started today and would last until March 29 , open from 10AM to 6PM. I would recommend you give yourself a minimum of two hours. There is way too many things too see and it would be so good to do it all in leisure. I hope you find really good discoveries! Follow @ooak_toronto on twitter for features and updates!

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1. Queenie’s Cards (@queeniescards) –
Now for anyone that knows me well, I have a weakness for beautiful greeting cards and I have a mighty big collection of them that I buy for no reason at all. Now if you combine that with kawaii-style art, I am definitely in love! If I could have it my way, I probably would be there for a while and try to get a good bunch. I just restrained myself to three as it was one of the first booths we visited. It was really cuteness overload! This is definitely my favorite booth of them all!

2. Demerara Butter Crunch by Milsean Shoppe from Aldergrove, BC –
The person behind the tasting booth captured Abe’s attention offering samples of their Butter Crunch. Apparently their best seller, I tried a piece myself. I was walking away as I chewed on it, letting it all sink in. A few seconds after that, I impulsively turned around and bought myself some more. I rarely do that for anything sweet. But this one did quite an impression on me. Buttery, savoury, crunchy and gooey all at the same time, I just wanted more. They did have a sign warning you that it could get addicting. So I was forewarned and I did not listen. LOL.

3. Jon Wye Graphic Leather Accessories (@jonwye) –
Now I did not do too much justice to photographing his designs but take it from me and stop by his booth. The level of detail on his designs on belts and wrist leather accessories is wicked! Tattoo art in fine detail.

4. Cranberry Nutra Fruit (@nutrafruit)-
If you love cranberries like me, you should visit this booth that has so many spins to this tart fruit. Personally, I love the dark chocolate cranberries. :)

5. Adorable apron for kids by Pico Charlie Cole –
I just love the little aprons with attitude! I can picture little kids with little chef hats immediately!

6. Nugs – teeny tiny one or two-headed alien city –
Now another weakness I have are cutesy little things that looks so quirky. This booth is so fun checking out the personality of each little alien on the table.

7. Abe’s fascination of Pook (@pooktoques) –
Pook has a funny booth with toque-like hats made out of socks. Abe has a thing with red plaid shirts and when he sees it in a hat, I totally understand why he didn’t move on to the next booth. A big plus was the side entertainment we received when they were demonstrating the fascinating different twists and turns to the hat to make it more than one. They even have a chart to show you the possibilities. I totally recommend that you request the demo to see how it’s done!

8. Licensed art in a different sense-
Abe stopped by a booth of repurposed license plates. It was actually quite intricate and precise! To see possibilities in old license plates and turn it into art is definitely already impressive. I swear Abe wanted to get one.