The Bus Terminal – Permanently closed

Posted on April 19, 2015


I just love brunches. Most of the time, I would revel at the new ideas at trending restaurants and consider lining up or coming early just to try it. The only caveat to that is that I tend to just eat and not stay. I feel guilty about staying long when there is a line outside of people wanting to try the food. So when I am with a friend where it is ideal to have a comfortable table where long talks are permitted, I tend to go looking for places that are off the radar. Last weekend, I found The Bus Terminal.

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I was out meeting my old friend Natalia. When with Natalia, we can literally talk for hours about anything. The conversation might start from photography (big geeks that we are), to her training regimen, to our travels, to the classes that we teach and I must say a lot more other conversations that could get in-between. So to have a table for a short time is out of the question. It has to be one where idling is permitted.

What made The Bus Terminal stand out to me was that in every review I read from various apps, it was consistently mentioned as a go-to place at the Danforth. Reading the multiple reviews, no one could miss the buttered banana pancakes. Just seeing the picture made me imagine the sweetness of the bananas, like syrup to the pancake. I wondered how spectacular it must be to pair it with something salty and I was in the mood for breakfast sausages. So when I walked in this retro diner, I could almost taste it.

Natalia was already waiting for me when I got there and she told me that the menu changed. My heart skipped a beat but we later found out that the set dish of buttered banana pancakes were just now sold separately. So I ordered all the items that I found in the reviews. Natalia followed suit with the same thing. I guess listening to my order revved her appetite.

And boy did it ever satisfy. The butter bananas were so silky smooth I was in heaven. It was the best item for my brunch. I could definitely finish just a plate of it. The sausages in turn cut through the sweetness of the dish which was perfect as I think I would not be able to topple that fluffy pancake pile without it. And of course the meal came with bottomless coffee and what fresh coffee it was. It was still too much for me to finish but I was a very happy foodie that morning. How could I not be when I had good food in front of me and in the middle of a lengthy conversation with a good friend? Do try The Bus Terminal. Perfect place to catch up with friends. :)

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