Tosto QuickFire Pizza Pasta

Posted on June 6, 2015


While I do get my share of invites to go to food events, I do sometimes go as the plus one. That afternoon, I was to go to the opening of another Italian pizzeria/wine bar. While I loved their arancini, I didn’t stay too long as it was brimming with people, too busy for my liking. As I walked back to my car contemplating that I didn’t get my Italian cravings pacified, Tosto QuickFire caught my attention. As I watch from the outside looking in, I thought I would get this craving pacified after all.

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The place was actually big on the inside and I appreciate the minimalistic contemporary design, it could very well be my own home. I love the lofty feel as it comes rare these days. It has a tasteful industrial design blending wood with punches of orange. It was comfortable just to be in the space.

Food choices are ordered at a counter just right by the door as you enter. As I waited for my turn to order my plate of carbonara, I looked at the dishes that came out of the kitchen. The place was setup that they would holler your name once your order is ready. From my vantage point, I saw generous dishes of pasta and cheesy crusty pizzas that I was in a daze in my own brain whether I should go for a pizza or should I stick with carbonara. It was agony actually to be that confused but I know I am not able to consume both. I guess a second trip is in order.

When it was my turn to be called, the guy at the counter called me too early. I was able to watch the cook grate a wedge of pecorino on my plate and let me say it had me zoned out for a minute just watching the grated pecorino rain on the pasta. It was mesmerizing. And I was quite happy that the dish did live up to how wonderful and comforting it looked. There was a generous portion of pancetta, sausage that blended in the creaminess of the white sauce. I also appreciated the bits of basil that came into play. All of that toppings on al dente linguini, what else would a foodie ask for? Suffice to say, I ate every morsel.

Ah, my cravings was truly pacified as I looked at my empty plate. I was then contemplating a nice walk was in order to lighten my tummy. It was such a good meal. I am definitely coming back for the pizza.

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