Canadian Bacon Eatery

July 15, 2014



Last Saturday, I was to meet up with my two besties at Mississauga for a hike then a late lunch.  I don’t go west that often so I thought I’d squeeze a diner/brunch place that I discovered a few days ago.  I came across Canadian Bacon Eatery after a random search at Urbanspoon.  After reading […]

Watching #GERvsARG at Firkin on King

July 14, 2014



Last Saturday was the first time I ever sat and watched a full game of football. That afternoon I watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup final game between Germany vs Argentina. My friend Valerie and I was supposed to be in a German restaurant and I already had my mind made up that my late […]

Mata Bar

July 8, 2014



Yesterday I came to experience South American cooking. I was invited for the media tasting of Mata Bar. Taking residence in the former Keriwa Cafe, I actually appreciated their location at the edge of Parkdale as I start my trek from the airport area. It was easy enough for me to find as I usually […]


July 7, 2014



A few weeks ago, Abe and I were invited by @momwhoruns to come to the launch of YamChopsTO, a vegetarian butcher shop. That might seem to be a misnomer but it really is not once you get to sample what they offer. I must say vegetarian/vegan food has come a long way. Where it used […]

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The Carbon Bar

July 7, 2014



For the past few months, Abe and I have been neck deep in food photography. I must say I love the stress of working despite the long hours and the short time for sleep. I forget all about being tired when I stand behind my tripod and I take a peek at my next subject […]

Sushi Kiku Japanese Cuisine

July 6, 2014



I have so many times professed my love for Japanese food. After all these years, I still get excited with it as if it were the first time that I have tried it. My friend, Tere and I have been addicted to it and once we have learned of Japanese AYCE buffets that cooks it […]

Happy Canada Day from EyeCandyTO

June 30, 2014


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Originally posted on EyeCandyTO:
Turn the BBQs on, get the beers nice and chilled and go out there to celebrate this wonderful country of ours! Our great nation and people deserve it! Happy Canada Day to all of us who celebrate diversity, inclusion, integrity and peace. Best wishes! Canada Day 2014

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