Road Grill Food Truck

May 24, 2015



When the first food trucks came into the horizon a few summers ago, I wished there would be one that would park regularly in North York. To be able to enjoy foodtruckeats before, I have to wait for a food event to happen to find them. With the changes of the rules of food trucks […]

Ginataang Gulay

May 17, 2015


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Originally posted on Ann's Filipino Food Diary:
Gata. Ginataan. This is any dish that has coconut cream or coconut milk dish. Gulay in turn is anything that is a vegetable. Coming from the Philippines, it must be rather obvious that we have a lot of dishes where coconuts are part of the recipe. One…

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Paramount Fine Foods at Yorkville

May 16, 2015



I have loved Paramount Fine Foods because of their decadent baklawas. Whenever I have cravings, I am lucky to be within the vicinity of their Thornhill restaurant and it is rather easy for me to give in to a craving. Last weekend, I was invited to try their new installation at Yorkville. Knowing the delicious […]

Daniella Silver’s The Silver Platter

May 11, 2015



I never talked much what happened to my every day when I transitioned out from being a chemist to a food photographer.  The first days after leaving GlaxoSmithKline, I often spend at Indigo at Bay and Bloor by Yorkville. It is rather poetic that I am back here again to write this post. In Indigo, […]

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Soma and Lil’ Baci

May 10, 2015



Yesterday was the first day this year where I really felt the warmth. The winter has been too long (again!) that to have blue skies and a temperature on the high twenties was such a blessing. You can see the difference on the streets as Torontonians came out in full force. Just like them, I […]

@ChefMichaelSmith, @MyCascade at the @TheChaseTO

May 10, 2015



I have long been a fan of Chef Michael Smith. I have found him at FoodTV Network and I have learned a lot through his shows on how to cook my food better. He has a way of putting logic in techniques that I am able to easily understand and remember. Last Wednesday, I got […]


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