Birthday blessings

October 26, 2014



My birthday is always been a long affair once I got settled in Toronto. My life has grown to be a collage of all the people I care about and things I am passionate about. And when my birthday comes up, all of them collide, reminding me of how blessed I am with family and […]

Bang Bang Ice Cream

October 26, 2014



Around 10PM my birthday night, despite all the food that I enjoyed, I was really compelled to give Bang Bang Ice Cream. It was the last thing I wanted to enjoy my birthday night and my friend Jojo was game.  After the food event we went through, I still want to pass by this ice […]


October 26, 2014



One of the food events that I was in on my birthday was Foodee Toronto’s official launch. Organized by the Mint Agency, taking place at Brassaii, it was an interesting concept of curating some of the best restaurants in Toronto and making their food available for delivery for corporate functions. Why not? For most of […]

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Pai Northern Thai Kitchen

October 25, 2014



I have been a fan of Chef Nuit for so long that when I heard that she opened another restaurant in Toronto, it was something I definitely wanted to check out.  This time around, she was back at the Financial district, opening Pai Northern Thai Kitchen at Duncan St and Adelaide St. For my first […]

Durham Cafe

October 25, 2014



Tere is my oldest friend in Toronto, meeting her on my first year in Toronto. We used to go on constant road trips to explore to get to know Canada. Now years later and a week ago, we set on another road trip to Lindsay, Ontario. It was to go and check out the Crayola […]

Encore Catering Open House

October 15, 2014



Last week I was invited to Encore Catering‘s Open House. I have been lucky enough once before to attend their Holly Go Lightly event last year so I very well know that I was in for a real treat of foodie pleasures with Chef Roshan Wanasingha at the helm. It was a food event I […]

Altona Kabob

October 13, 2014



Lately, my solution on how to feed myself when I have very long days was to buy take-out food good for a few days. With the two jobs I keep, there are days that are literally 15 – 16 hours long that I could not think of cooking nor even passing by a restaurant to […]


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