One of A Kind Show Spring 2015

March 26, 2015



I have always enjoyed milling through unique things. It never fails to entertain me to discover ingenious creations. I often can’t help myself and I do collect them every now and then. I have been noticing though that it is often that I find myself going to the One Of A Kind Shows. Twice every […]

Anne’s 7th Birthday at The Original Barrio Fiesta

March 15, 2015



This weekend was my godchild’s 7th birthday party. How time quickly pass by and the little baby that I dotted and overly photographed ever since she was born (literally when she was born, right Tere?) is now 7 and still as sweet as the first time I saw her. Just like any family fanfare her […]

Dirty Bird

March 15, 2015



Last Friday, I had a craving to try the new fried chicken joint at Kensington Market. It was definitely out of my way but I went anyway, wanting to try it out for myself. Reaching there, the place was overflowing with people who had the same idea as me. After waiting in the queue, I […]

Uncle Bettys

March 15, 2015



I am one of those people who still wake up early despite weekends. That doesn’t mean I stand up though. I stay burrowed until I slowly wake up which might mean anywhere from 15 minutes to about a good solid hour. Sometimes I fall back asleep. But this lazy Sunday, I somehow started contemplating about […]

Posted in: Toronto North


March 9, 2015



About two Fridays ago, I was invited to the opening of the second Levetto installation at downtown Toronto. Despite my long days at work, I made the effort to check out Chef Shahir Massoud as his bio includes being a chef at Lupa, one of Mario Batali’s restaurants in NYC. It seems to me if […]

Fat Pasha

March 5, 2015



After Abe and I wrapped up an EyeCandyTO photoshoot so late it was past the dinner hour, I randomly asked him if wants to go for a bite to eat.  Since we were in the Yorkville area, I came up with Fat Pasha as the place we could go to.  I know Abe would love […]


March 5, 2015



One of the most relaxing that I do on a weekend is meet friends for brunch.  The thought of decadent luscious feel of cheerful eggs in my mouth or  a beautiful pile of pancakes with a generous dollop of maple syrup always starts my day right. It would definitely pull me out from my bed […]


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