A Filipino’s love affair with rice

April 4, 2015


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Originally posted on Ann's Filipino Food Diary:
One true fact amongst Filipino households is that rice is always part of a meal. Kanin or rice is literally eaten in the morning, noon and night with a good chance of having it in-between too. It is the staple that every Filipino finds comfort in. Filipino-beloved…

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York Farmers Market

April 4, 2015



For the past seven years of living at Yonge and Finch, I never stopped at York Farmers Market. I often would pass by it and I was always in a hurry to go somewhere that I clearly have taken it for granted. It is funny how I often wished there was something like York Farmers […]

San Francesco Foods

March 31, 2015



When I am confronted with a disappointment, I tend to get my mood improve faster when in the company of a good friend. That was the case last week when the food event I was supposed to go to didn’t go as planned. I was with my EyeCandyTO business partner, Abe Wornovitzky. We tend to […]

Peters On Eglinton

March 30, 2015



For the longest time that I have taken up residence in Toronto, I did not know that I have high school friends here in the same city. I was so busy building my roots that I never really sought out to find my old high school friends. The funniest thing is that I even have […]

Cadbury #CrackIntoTheCreme Easter Egg Hunt and Let’s Be Frank

March 29, 2015



When I was invited for an Easter Egg hunt by Cadbury Creme Egg at the Artscape Youngplace, I underestimated the fun that I would have. I cannot recall the last time I did my last Easter Egg hunt. With each creme egg I find and place on my red pail, I gleefully looked for more. […]

Baju BBQ

March 29, 2015



I have heard of Baju BBQ from Alexa Clark, once inviting me to dinner get-together. After reading the thread of all of her friends about Baju BBQ, I was indeed curious and wanted to go. It seems that it is that kind of a place that is well known among locals but not so known […]

One of A Kind Show Spring 2015

March 26, 2015



I have always enjoyed milling through unique things. It never fails to entertain me to discover ingenious creations. I often can’t help myself and I do collect them every now and then. I have been noticing though that it is often that I find myself going to the One Of A Kind Shows. Twice every […]


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