Chef Aleem Syed Pop-up at The Midpoint

December 12, 2014



From time to time, I get posts and comments from readers and one post that stood out was an invitation to come to a pop-up event to showcase Chef Aleem Syed. I have already seen writeups about the Chef from Toronto Life (see article here) and he definitely piqued my interest of what his food […]

Han Ba Tang

December 11, 2014



A few weeks ago, I finally got my wish. I often prayed that food events that I go to would somehow make it to North York. That came into fruition with an invitation from Han Ba Tang. For a change, I only needed 10 minutes to get to an event! That already was a treat! […]

EatNMingle features Kanto at Pact Bar

November 25, 2014



@EatNMingle a.k.a Rey Pan is one foodie that recently I have crossed paths with in food events. This time around, I intentionally joined him for one of his organized events for his Meetup group, Eat N Mingle as it was featuring another good friend of mine, Kanto’s TitaFlips a.k.a. Diana Joyce at Pact Bar west […]

Moo Frites

November 24, 2014



I found myself with extra time before a food event and I spent the extra time loitering at Kensington Market. Kensington always have given me new discoveries each time I visit. Not wanting a full meal as I was on my way to a food event, I was looking for a quick bite to bridge […]

Posted in: Toronto Eats

St. Andrew Poultry

November 23, 2014



Over a week ago, I was invited to visit St Andrew Poultry at Kensington Market. From the invitation I have learned that they are known to be primarily a butcher shop but they have reinvented their store and now it comes with a foodie bar. An array of hot and cold food that can be […]

Lola’s Kusina

November 12, 2014



Last Sunday I found myself driving along Rexdale Blvd area on my way back to North York from Mississauga. It was at a time that was close to dinner and it would be another 20 minutes to home. As I know I have no energy to fix myself something at home by the time that […]

Kwality Sweets & Restaurant

November 11, 2014



One of the newest subscriber to my blog is the (sweetest!) intern who works with me. Samantha not only makes my life easier but she also shares with me the passion about food. I often have to consciously remind myself to cut the conversation once we start talking about food because I think if given […]


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