Encore Catering Open House

October 15, 2014



Last week I was invited to Encore Catering‘s Open House. I have been lucky enough once before to attend their Holly Go Lightly event last year so I very well know that I was in for a real treat of foodie pleasures with Chef Roshan Wanasingha at the helm. It was a food event I […]

Altona Kabob

October 13, 2014



Lately, my solution on how to feed myself when I have very long days was to buy take-out food good for a few days. With the two jobs I keep, there are days that are literally 15 – 16 hours long that I could not think of cooking nor even passing by a restaurant to […]

The Queen of Chicken

October 13, 2014



Things are finally getting back and ebbed to the usual tides. Last week I was able to go downtown and find time to check out a place that does roasted chicken very well. Last week I found myself at The Queen of Chicken. It was easy enough to find as it was just a little […]

Happy Thanksgiving

October 12, 2014



Thanksgiving weekend has grown to be a big weekend for me.  It is that time of year that I pull out all the stops and cook a whirlwind for my family and friends here in Toronto. I have embraced this Canadian tradition and made it my own. I came from a family that gathers around […]

Friendships in Barcelona

October 12, 2014



For the many times that I have been to Barcelona, it was always primarily to visit my best friend Manel.  But with each trip I find more reasons to come back as I start to build familiarity with the people I meet and the people who makes each visit worthwhile.  Let me tell you the […]


October 7, 2014



One very good meal that I have kept to myself was one I had with my friend Helen at Mississauga. I have been invited to Cagney’s several times but I could never find the time to fit it in. Similar to this restaurant, I did not realize with the crazy schedule that I keep, I […]

Esquinas De Argento, El Almacen and Algonquin

October 6, 2014



It has been awhile since I last wrote a post. I must confess that I hit fatigue with the schedule I was keeping. I must come out with it that with this blog I keep two demanding jobs. And just to take two weeks vacation, I had to ramp all the work and compensate before […]


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