The Hole in the Wall

Posted on April 16, 2016


After spending the afternoon walking the wide expanse of the Exhibition Place for the Artist Project a few weeks ago, my friend Valerie suggested we wind down with a drink at this place at the Junction called The Hole in the Wall. She knows I have a thing for unusual local hang-outs and she guarantees that I would find the space interesting.

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You can find this space east of Keele at Dundas. It looked so understated and narrow from the outside. When we walked in, it was no different, still narrow but positively very deep. It had enough space to have a very long bar as you made of handsome dark stained hardwood. The bar was lined with bottles of hard liquor, strategically lit in the background to give the space hints of coziness. It also helped that they placed a window on the high ceiling and stained glass panels on the walls, adding understated lighting to the space. For a small space, it was well thought of, well-designed, every little space had a purpose. They did have a few tables up front and at the back but it seems to me that it wouldn’t be available for the while that we were there. It was clearly popular with the locals.

We found ourselves two seats by the bar and we hurriedly occupied the space. I was so busy looking around the space that I actually forgot to take a picture of the calamari that I ordered. Mortal sin for a food blogger but well, I was that distracted. Between my eyes dancing every which way, discovering little details around me, this blogger actually forgot. I only remembered as I was halfway though and by that time, I just shrugged and I figured, just seeing the space would be worth your time if you are a big fan of quirky and tastefully curated antiques. The food was the gravy as they do know how to do calamari very well. Still pliant and moist with a good amount of breading, just the way I liked it. Valerie was right, it was a gem of a find. I did like it.

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