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Maple Leaf Tavern

May 15, 2016


A few weeks ago I was invited to Maple Leaf Tavern launch party.  As most times I am in anticipation of what the restaurant would be offering for us to try.  But I was especially looking forward to the event as it was the first time that my friend and sistah-from-another-motha Catalina would be joining […]

Purple Penguin Cafe

June 7, 2015


Today was a perfect summery kind of Sunday. I thought I’d even make it better by coming out and browse about the Riverdale Artwalk by the Jimmie Simpson Park at Toronto’s Leslieville/Riverside neighbourhood. After all the indecision, I am stuck with one print, a collage of Toronto subway stations, tastefully done by photographer, Jeff Turner. […]

Soma and Lil’ Baci

May 10, 2015


Yesterday was the first day this year where I really felt the warmth. The winter has been too long (again!) that to have blue skies and a temperature on the high twenties was such a blessing. You can see the difference on the streets as Torontonians came out in full force. Just like them, I […]

Queen Margherita Pizza

April 28, 2015


A week ago I met up with my good friend, Jojo. I have been friends with Jojo for such a long time to know that when dining with him, it is best where I can have a long time to sit as the conversation always gets long and detailed. Such is the case as we […]

Lady Marmalade

November 2, 2013


As most Sunday mornings go, the idea of a brunch would surely get you up from slumber. If that is your plan this weekend, I recommend that you swing by Lady Marmalade. One should be prudent to be there early though as it is popular. Not even 10am last Sunday morning, there was already a […]

Aft Kitchen & Bar @Aft_bar

May 14, 2013


What is not good about being in tune to FoodTV network all the time was that it can give you serious cravings. I had this craving for BBQ’d ribs ever since I watched it as the weekend came and it would just not go away. Yesterday night, the craving was so bad, I started searching […]

Great Burger Kitchen

February 25, 2013


A day-long EyeCandyTO photoshoot can really work up an appetite.  I normally can go on hours and hours of shooting without feeling any hunger.  I guess that surge of adrenalin and concentration kept me going the whole day.  But once I finished and packed-up for the day, then it would all come crashing in, hunger, […]

Rasher – Permanently closed

November 21, 2012


My usual routine to wake myself each morning was to check all the subscriptions I have on my Inbox. Last Tuesday morning, while trying to will myself to start my day, I started reading Toronto Life’s latest post and one recent opening caught my eye. It was the introduction of Rashers, an all-bacon sandwich shop […]

Leslieville Pumps General Store and Kitchen

July 31, 2012


Again I found myself at Leslieville as I try to discover the hidden secret of the east side of downtown Toronto.  Although saying this next find I visited as hidden might be a misnomer.  Lately I find that a lot of people have checked it out.  Naturally, curious person that I was, I went to […]

Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken

July 5, 2012


Every now and then I find some time to browse through the several subscriptions I have online.  One of my most favorite was Toronto Life as it always gave me new ideas on which places I should do my next food trip.  This recent one pointed me to Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken at Leslieville.  […]