Sanremo Bakery

Posted on September 11, 2011


I came to know of this place from a former boss, Paul,  who always shows up to our group meetings with a box of goodies coming from Sanremo Bakery.  Each time a different treat, always such a pleasure to taste a cookie that doesn’t taste JUST sweet.  There is depth and layers of flavour and nuttiness that beckons you to get some more.  Foodie that I am, I had to  know where these treats come from and from the first time I walked into this bakery, I have always left pleased and contented.

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It just seems right that this weekend I met up with a good friend from my former work, Helen, for brunch.  Hitting two birds with one stone, I also had to grab a birthday cake for another friend, Monika.  The fact that I can do two important things in one go,  the day started very well.  We walked in at about 10:30am, wanting some brunch and I see there were a bustle of people milling and eating, way ahead of me.  Like the earlier times I’ve been here, I quietly wished again that this bakery is in my neighbourhood.  Such wishful thinking, I know.

Walking in, I gave my friend Helen a quick tour, from the colorful display of gelato, to the cafeteria section with an array of Italian comfort foods, to the tall bins of different artisan breads and lastly to the very long display case of Italian sweets and pastries.  I pouted a bit when I made it to the racks of vegetable-stuffed baguette, seeing that my favorite sun-dried tomato baguette, is all gone.  So early and it’s sold out.  I can totally understand as it is THAT good! Ah well, I have to comfort myself with either the meatballs or hopefully a vegetable lasagna.  You can obviously see how this foodie is easily pacified.

I moved on to getting some food, I finally settled on the meatballs with a side salad of fresh greens, artichokes, roasted bell peppers and olives.   Helen, I cannot seem to tear away from the display case of all the sweet pastries, went for some tarts and latte.  We settled into the newly renovated bigger dining area, brightly lit, with gleaming colorful tabletops.  The meatballs are still the way I remember it – moist, round and plump in all it’s tomato-ey goodness.  I patted myself in the back for going for these delicious treat.  I’ll just come back for the lasagna another time.  It’s a comfort to know that this family business has been here for a long time.  Seeing how many people come and go as I enjoy my food, I know it will be here for me to return back when I crave it.

Good food and good coffee with a good friend, life is good.

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