My Muskoka Weekend and Henrietta’s Bakery

Posted on September 26, 2011


If there is one thing that I cannot do without throughout the year, it is my yearly trips to Algonquin park at the height of the fall colors.  My friends and  I normally spend three days and two nights at Logging Chain Lodge, where we enjoy all the comforts of home.  The weekend involved photography of crisp and chilly mornings,  relaxed hikes on Algonquin Parks many scenic walking trails, company of good friends over a bonfire and good food.

All these years and it still grips me, cool and crisp mornings, bursts of reds, oranges and yellows all around me.  Most of my company sleeps in but I normally rise early before the break of dawn. Each year I randomly trek to closer short trails from Logging Chain Lodge, in search for calm lakes with clear reflections of the foliage in front of it.  I spend an hour or two exploring the new place I choose, still with a curiosity as if it were my first time in Algonquin.  After I have my fill, I come back to the cottage and join everyone for a hike in Algonquin Park.  This year we chose the Booth’s Rock trail, where a steep and laborious hike would reward you a big rock to sit on the top of the hill to see Algonquin foliage at a high vantage point.  It would take your breath away as the flurry of oranges, reds and yellows as far as your eyes could see.  Just when I thought the day could not go better than me sitting atop that rock, the weather improves, the drizzling stops and out comes a warm, brisk sun. With the welcome change of the weather, we enjoyed our dinner of burgers and sausages with a Muskoka backdrop, sitting on the picnic tables of Logging Chain Lodge.  Could it possibly get better?

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It definitely can as the next morning is another highlight of this yearly trek.  Each year, our trip ends with a late breakfast at Henrietta’s Bakery.  Best known for its signature Muskoka Clouds and Sticky Buns, it’s a family run business with a good choice of artisan breads, sweet pastries, variety of buttery strudel and savory meat pies.  I was quite disappointed that the German Raisin bread I so love is not available until late in the day but was quite cheerful again when the person at the counter gave me my box of six Muskoka Clouds and a loaf of Algonquin Bread.  Each year, Muskoka Clouds is a craving I could not resist.  Each  soft, creamy, sweet bite with a burst of tartness from cranberries always satisfies.  If for any reason that you would find yourself within the area, give yourself a treat and make it part of your Algonquin itinerary.  Open from Mother’s Day weekend up until Thanksgiving weekend, it’s a bakery where locals and tourists line up.  It would be wise to go there early as there are days when they literally run out of baked goods too early.  We normally call or drop-in and make our choices a day ahead and come back Sunday morning to pick it up.  It’s always been the perfect way to end an Algonquin weekend.

While on the trail we met a group of women, sharing with us that they have hiked up in Algonquin for about 15 years.  My friends and I plan to do that and possibly even for longer.  There will be a definite Algonquin fall hike next year, there is little doubt in that. :)

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