My Unabashed Love for Garlic

Posted on October 1, 2011


I still feel a lot of remorse not being able to attend the First Annual Toronto Garlic Festival at Evergreen Brickworks last weekend.  I thought I’d be able to stretch myself to swing by after all the trekking I did in Algonquin the same weekend.  But I guess I’m not as nimble anymore as I went crawling to bed when I got home to Toronto.  The late nights and the early mornings caught up with me.  Do I dare say I dreamt of garlic?

Now I scour the countless blogs and news coverage of the affair and I regret it a bit more. Oh my lovely, dear garlic, how could I have chosen sleep over celebrating you?  You who spark flavor into anything I cook and make it all tasty.  Everyone always jokes that they don’t want have garlicky breath, but that doesn’t deter me from having an extra garlic bread with my pasta.  It could end up very well be just garlic and olive oil in my pasta if bread runs out. That should not be a problem.

Available all year round and practically almost in every cuisine, I  put it in anything I cook.  How could I not celebrate a weekend for you?  I think with the turnout of the festival last weekend, I think I can rectify the error and  make amends next year.  Meanwhile, the idea of garlic and good olive oil in my spaghetti really seems good now.  I think I’ll make me some and wallow some more of my remorse for company ;)

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