Foodstock 2011

Posted on October 16, 2011


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I almost did not make it to this event.  Riddled with a schedule change, a printer beeping communication error messages, a GPS not being able to find the intersection where the event will happen, an iPhone with an erratic, weak signal and looming gray clouds, it’s a wonder that I am writing this post.  I was happy that I could count on my propensity to have a one-track mind, pushing for getting myself to the event, despite the kinks along the way.  The event was way much more than I expected.  Lots of eye-beaming, ooh and ahhing  from me all day long!

Foodstock 2011 is Ontario’s response to support the  Stop the Mega Quarry movement. This day makes it quite clear that Ontarians does not want to have the proposed limestone mega quarry in the midst of Southern Ontario’s farm lands.  With about 28,000 in attendance, the message is clear how Ontarian’s care about the plight of local farmers, fighting for the longevity of Melancthon and Mulmur Townships resources.  Spearheaded by Chef Michael Stadtländer,  the event boasted of a massive commitment from about 85 Canadian Chefs, majority of which are from Toronto, to showcase locally grown produce to use for that one dish that each chef would cook for the hungry public.

It was a slow crawl at Country Rd 124 starting at Side Road 15 and we got to the site at Side Road 20 at about a little past noon.  I expected the big turnout as there has been so much media exposure for the past few weeks before today.  With all my food trips all summer, I think I have wizened up and came ready.  My friend Jojo and I came with plastic containers, plastic cutlery, a generous supply of paper towels, rain gear and I-don’t-care-if-mud-sticks-on-it shoes.  Some of the lines are long and we ate on the line as we wait.  Despite the on-and-off drizzle of rain, this does not deter people from lining up in good spirits.  Jojo and I sampled a lot.  There was quite a show of creativity and resourcefulness, as I watched chefs cook at the barest of equipment in the middle of the woods.   I look at the list I made now and I am in a disbelief that we managed to score 18 dishes.  Nom, nom, nom!  Here’s the list of what we enjoyed:

Chili with grilled cornbread
Salmon in lemon sauce topped with caviar
Pork patties with melted gooey cheese on grilled bread
Pork slider
Vegan stew
Flat bread with goat cheese
Chick peas/cucumber slaw on sourdough bread
Fried tomato with corn
Marinated beef liver with mash potato
Bacon and seafood chowder
Pepperoni pizza wood fired grill
Pumpkin and apple topped pancake
Lobster risotto
Apple cider
Vegan curry
Pumpkin and bacon gnocchi
Lentil stew
Smoked sturgeon with paper-thin radish

I sit here and I feel glad once again that I came out and supported this cause.  I did so little but got so much from the dedication of all the chefs, their crew and their volunteers.  After this epic-size show of public voice, I do hope it would be heard.