Paramount Fine Foods Inc.

Posted on February 5, 2012


Today I have invited two good friends, Valerie and Natalia, to try Philippine Civet Coffee that I brought home from Manila.  Afternoon coffee would never be complete without something sweet to go along with it, so I went out this morning to find something to pair the coffee with.  I had the full intention to swing by an Italian bakery close to me but I later changed my mind when I remembered one bakery that a friend of mine, Arsha, has told me for ages to visit.  Arsha knows of my love for baklava and she tells me that I happen to live close by one bakery that does it so well.  Living in North York for 5 years now, I maybe should give myself a swift kick for taking this long to discover this place.

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I was amazed when I walked in the bakery.  I am thinking they intentionally put their baklava display trays by the entrance to entice you to walk in.  The restaurant is spacious and airy, with a relaxed ambience to it.  Onto the left is a cafeteria-like line to get savory middle-eastern dishes.  I should come back another day to try their fare.  For today, I only have my heart set on the baklava.  I probably looked a bit dazed and confused with what to order (there was a good variety of them). One staff took pity on me and my confusion and handed me one free sample.   She gave me a bird’s nest to try.  It was buttery and surprisingly light, crumbling in my mouth as I savor the taste.  Since I was feeling bashful about taking too much time, I let the woman give me an assortment of baklavas.  I am sure these decadent treats would make Valerie and Natalia’s day just like it did mine.  What a good way to start my morning!

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