Kanto by TitaFlips

Posted on February 4, 2012


Through Twitter I met a kindred spirit, Diona Joyce, aka Tita Flips.  We have never met before Twitter but we instantaneously identified with each other, primarily because of our love for food.  It eventually came that we worked together in a photoshooot for her up and coming Kanto, soon-to-be a Filipino foodie haven at Bathurst and Dundas.

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The photoshoot was immensely satisfying as I had the chance to sample each dish that I shot.  Included in the shoot are Lumpiang Shanghai (Filipino Spring Rolls), Lumpiang Sariwa (Julienned Jicama, Carrots and Lettuce  wrapped in a thin crêpe wrapper and slathered with savory garlic sauce), Puto (Steamed Rice Cakes), Lechon Kawali (Pork Belly parboiled and later deep-fried) and Kare-kare (Beef stewed in peanut sauce with eggplant, string beans and bokchoy) and Pancit Palabok (noodles with shrimps, fried tofu, chicharon flakes, garlic and spring onions). TitaFlip’s authentic Filipino food brought me back to memories of fiestas back home where we cook for days and then indulge on food with family and friends.  Keep a close watch for this food stall to open in a few weeks at the Live Local Marketplace in Scaddington Community Center at Bathurst and Dundas. Experience Manila right in the heart of Toronto.  You will probably find me there often enough, as I have already promised Diona, I’ll be a regular.  This is one promise that would be so easy to keep!

Kanto is now open. Click on Urbanspoon.com link for details on location :)
Kanto on Urbanspoon