This little piggy went to Bathurst and Dundas

Posted on April 21, 2012


Last week I had to suffer through a craving for Lechon Kawali that I made sure this week I get to swing by Kanto.  Calling my friend Tita Flips, a.k.a Diona Joyce, I checked out her menu for this week and luckily she has my favorite as an item for the week.  On my way to Kanto by Bathurst and Dundas, I remembered that Porchetta & Co. was just a skip and a hop away.  I have my eye on this restaurant for weeks now as I see their Porchetta sandwiches trending in Urbanspoon.  From the images I see online, I expected a tower of roasted porchetta, with perfectly crunchy skin on a crusty bun will be handed to me.  Wanting to have enough room for Kanto’s Lechon Kawali and Porchetta & Co’s popular sandwich, I thought I slice it down the middle and share it with Diona.

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After my class, I whizz by the DVP and got myself to Bathurst and Dundas with no trouble.  Past 2:30pm, Porchetta & Co. was devoid of the fabled long queue and people randomly trickled in.  Best time to visit a popular restaurant is when everyone is full I say :) .  I took my time looking around as they prep my sandwich, watching in awe as shower a tower of roasted pork with fresh shavings of Parmesan.   I almost felt heartbroken that they wrapped it for me to go as I have this urge to taste it right there and then.  Good thing Kanto was just 5 minutes away and I do my best not to unwrap my Porchetta sandwich.

Arriving at Kanto, Diona and I split it in two and indulged.  We were munching on their best-seller, Porchetta piled on crusty bun with truffle oil, house-made mustard and shavings of Parmesan cheese.  In a matter of minutes, my half of the sandwich was history.  Nicely seasoned and tender, I can now understand why this sandwich has a following.  Even with just my half, the sandwich gave a satisfying thump in my tummy.

A few minutes later, Diona started prepping my lechon kawali.  Just the smell makes my stomach growl.  I do admit I felt a lot of guilt as it does seem quite indulgent to have a porchetta sandwich and lechon kawali next.  Ah well, life is just too short for waiting or not jumping on double opportunities :D .  I took half of Kanto’s lechon kawali serving and paired it hot steamed rice, sliced cherry tomatoes and used spiced vinegar for dipping and I was in heaven.  I literally have a stupid smile on my face as I was fully sated.

I thought I had no more room for more food but when Tita Flips told me that she had dinuguan in her menu, I could not resist sampling it.  This dish is not for the faint of heart as it is pork stewed in blood. One who doesn’t know how to cook it properly could easily mess it up.  Kanto’s dinuguan rocked as it has a smooth, deep flavor with a clean finish.  The puto or rice cake I paired it with was plump and light, complimenting the dinuguan in every note.  Reminds me of the dinuguan I used to have as a kid during fiestas back at my grandmother’s place.

Just when I thought Diona was out of tricks up her sleeve, her friend and co-vendor Marc passed by and impulsively she bought House of Jaffle‘s Heaven in a Cup.  Slices of strawberries and banana crowd the bottom of the cup, drizzled with caramel, nutella, whipped cream and showered with nuts on top.  Think it stopped there?  The cup was also adorned with two fudgy brownies.  Just by the look of it was enough to send me reeling.  Everything I like was in this cup.  But no matter how much willpower I have, there was no way I could have finished it alone.  True decadence for one with a sweet tooth.

After a perfect afternoon with a friend, sharing good food, methinks this little piggy would always come and visit to Bathurst and Dundas.  :)

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