Hopgoods Foodliner

Posted on April 19, 2012


Monday morning I receive a text from one of my closest friends, Jojo, asking me if I want to check out High Park later that evening.  Spring being too early in Toronto, I immediately thought the park is probably pink with all the cherry blossoms in full bloom.  Despite the weather predictions of rain, I agreed to meeting Jojo in the park.  I was glad that I have no sensibility and just have utter stubbornness when I specifically like something.  Trips to High Park I always enjoy and I don’t think rain is enough to stop me indulging on a whim :)

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Jojo and I hiked for quite a while, going through the trails and around the Grenadier Pond,  checking out the rows of houses of amazing character.  We hiked long enough to work ourselves an appetite.  For sustenance, we ended up at Hopgoods Foodliner. With black walls and contemporary light fixtures, the restaurant had a relaxed ambiance that included a semi-open kitchen sitting in the middle of the dining room.  After going through the menu and the daily specials, Jojo and I decided to split chicken wings for appetizers and each of us ordered scallops for our main.  Both of us were curious of the chicken wings as our server was very specific of how good it was.  I find it amusing how polar my choices were for that night.  Mainstream chicken wings for appetizers and refined scallops for main.  It might sound weird but the total nerd that I am, in my foodie universe, it all made sense :)

In a matter of minutes, our appetizer arrive.  Lifting one chicken wing, I immediately get a waft of bacon flavor.  Biting it, I then confirmed that what up the ante of that chicken wing was that it was fried in bacon fat.  I thought I should do penance as each wing seems too decadent.  The guilt faded away though when I realized that I was splitting the serving with my friend.

Being an east coast influenced cuisine, I expected the restaurant would have good seafood dishes.  I now can attest to how good the scallops were.  Plump and perfectly tender, I savor each bite. Making sure I get to taste everything, I slide my fork to take some of the potato croquette, a bit of the creamy greens and a slice of the plump scallop on the top.  I think I would commit to daily afternoon long hikes if I get rewarded with a dinner that good each time I finish.  Ah, this foodie do dream and we dream big! :)

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