Guacamole Battle, 86d Mondays at the Drake Hotel

Posted on May 1, 2012


Last night I was back at the Drake Hotel, eagerly anticipating the night’s guacamole battle.  This should be interesting as I am with my partner-in-crime, EyeCandyTO food stylist Abraham Wornovitzky.  Being Mexican, I know I would have a good crash course on what is a good guacamole from him.

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As we were waiting for the event to start, 86’d Monday host Ivy Knight approached me and asked whether I have my camera with me.  After a long day, I felt a sudden surge of excitement at the thought of doing impromptu food photography.  This had better effect than the coffee I just finished in waking me up.  I pulled Abe to the side and we started planning with what little space, prop and equipment we had and this is what came out of it.  We took little platters of each guacamole offering, as well as tortillas chips and some utensils for props, and brought everything to the outside lounge area to get better lighting and away we go.  For those few minutes I swear I have forgotten how tired I was.  Nothing like doing something you really love to perk you up!

Good thing about guacamole, there is no heat factor that would make you fear about the food growing cold and if it’s fresh enough (which it totally was) no fear of it going brown too quickly.   Each of the four offerings had differences in tartness, heat and texture.  For a while I regretted that I didn’t pick up enough chips as I paid more attention to the guacamole.  It turns out the crowd still loved the traditional take on guacamole, Sarah Mickeler voted to be the guacamole champ of the night.  86’d Mondays did it for me once again, good food and good company.  Everything we are passionate about at EyeCandyTO :)