Street Food Block Party – Cinco de Mayo TUM/FoodTruckEats!

Posted on May 6, 2012


What happens when two massive food events combine together?  A really wicked evening of Street Food Block PartyToronto Underground Market and FoodTruckEats together in one event was a massive production in organization.  I initially thought that I could not make this event as tickets went flying and got sold out in a matter of a few hours after they started selling.  Good thing my friend Yvonne of Bonfire Catering asked me whether I would want to volunteer as their errand girl.  I did not even think twice about it and I said yes.  How can you pass up an opportunity to sample good food and party at the same time?

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I arrived Evergreen Brickworks about an hour and a half early and I saw the flurry of activities of countless vendors setting up before all the hungry foodies come in.  I started scouting and planning which tables do I visit specifically, reading menus left and right.  Of all the vendors participating, I was most curious of Rock Lobster’s Lobster roll, the foodie-must that escaped me at the last TUM event.  Every now and then, I furtively look at my watch to keep an eye on the time when the booths open and I can hurriedly pick my lobster roll.  It’s quite insane trying to decide which food to get.  From past events, I know after three to four stalls, I would be stuffed to the gills.  In an event like this,  one has to come with strategic planning where to get the food fast and which ones would it be worth lining up for.  That way you can start munching what food you have while waiting on the line for another good treat.

My most favorite one for the night comes from Paese Ristorante.  Those pepperoni/smoked mozarella arancinis what absolutely pacified my constant need for the fried and the crunchy.  As always, Bonfire Catering’s pizza satisfies, this time I chose their Lean Mean Mexican chorizo pizza.  As an added bonus, Jeri of Bonfire Catering handed me a jalapeño popper.  I must have been smiling ear-to-ear as another foodie gave me an amused look when I caught him watching me eat.

Another highlight I have of the night were finally meeting in person foodies that I follow on Twitter.  In attendance were @Spotlightcity, @Foodie411, @Sidman, @ChefJoLusted, @GorillaCheese.  Ladies that I have met on 86’d Mondays were on site too, @Bev_V, @PanCanCooks and @fashionfood.  At one point, @Sidman asked me if I wanted to help out @GorillaCheese as their line were impossibly long.  I look at my boss for the night and Yvonne agreed to share me.  At the last TUM, I had a preview of how it is to work for a busy booth with TitaFlips.  Last night, I was in the midst of a insanely busy food truck.  Getting into @GorillaCheese truck, they taught me how to butter up the bread and I don’t think I’ve ever butter that much bread in my life!  After a few minutes, I got comfortable with my buttering speed that Sue of Gorilla Cheese told me that I make my pile of buttered bread as fast as she assembled their cheesers!  It does give so much satisfaction to be able to keep up with Gorilla Cheese’s crew.

When the last grilled cheese was sold, I look out the window of the food truck and I see that most of the vendors were gone.  We were making grilled cheese until almost midnight.  I did not even feel the time pass me by.  I was so much into keeping up with the crew that more than two hours passed since I stepped into the food truck.  Time is always too fast when you are having so much fun.  I don’t think I can top this event for a long while.  Although come to think of it, I might eat my words at the next FoodTruckEats or TUM.  Ah well, that can’t be so bad, can it? ;)

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