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Posted on May 9, 2012


Previously professing potato-love before, it is quite funny that I haven’t blogged about Smoke’s Poutinerie.  I have previously tried their poutine but I guess at the time, sustenance was far more important than blogging.  There are times when you get too hungry and you can’t multi-task anymore.  I am known to be a multi-tasker, squeezing in so much to a short span of time and sometimes it is on the cost of me skipping meals.  This week though, I got to walk in Smoke’s Poutinerie without too much of a stress nor too much of a fuss.

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Smoke’s Poutinerie is a small stop northeast of Bathurst and Queen.  Most of the customers that come in call ahead and just pick up their orders as there are not too many bar stools nor tabletop to hang around for a longer period.  But I would tell you not to be thrown away by the lack of space.  If you are a french-fry lover like me (see this pic to see how much potato love I have), you have to experience their poutine twist.  Atop their counter is a long list of poutine alterations and sometimes I wish they have tasting sizes.  Even their small serving is way too big for me.  I tend to only eat half of the small serving as it clearly makes a big thump on the tummy as you work your way through each serving.

I read their menu and I know I want some bacon on my poutine.  But I once ate a bacon poutine when I was in Montreal and I must admit that there is such a thing as too much bacon.  For the night, I went with Country Style Poutine.  This one gets a good dollop gravy and topped with cheese curds, grilled chicken cubes, double smoked bacon bits, sauteed mushrooms and caramelized onions.  I get my bacony flavor need pacified without having to overdo it.  Two friends of mine who came along with my poutine binge, Abe and Natalia, went with Nacho Veggie poutine and Prime Beef poutine.  I stole a bit from both and I must say that Abe’s nacho poutine was something I would enjoy too.  Just as the first time I have eaten here, I was full before I made a dent out of my small serving.  It is such a pity not to finish fries when they are so good.  I guess I have to come back for some more soon! :)

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