BQM Burger Shoppe Ossington

Posted on June 22, 2012


Having tasted their mini wonders during The Grid TO’s Burger Week Finale, once I located BQM Burgershoppe at Ossington and Dundas, I could not resist checking them out.  With the onslaught of designer burgers all over Toronto, I must say this might be one of the burgers I’d most often get to enjoy as they have several locations in the city. Good burger plus accessibility always equate to a happy foodie, I say :)

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About a week ago, my friend Diona  a.k.a TitaFlips and I walked into BQM Ossington a little past 9pm.  Dinner rush clearly was over but the place was still half-full.  Adorned with thick wood features on both sides, the restaurant exude of a relaxed temperament and ambiance.  I particularly felt that the harvest table sitting beside the bar was an eye candy, wistfully thinking of the impossibility of me owning one.  To one side, a big blackboard hanged  displaying the different quality of beef that their burgers were made of.  I finally understood what was unique about BQM Burgershoppe.  What is unique about them was that they were able to cater to different choices of leanness of the beef.  All their gourmet burger renditions were available from a chuck, brisket or sirloin cut.

I took a look at their extensive menu and I realized that I have to come back here repeatedly as there were several items that made my choice so hard to make.  Deciding to get the Riverside, brisket cut and medium well, I waited in anticipation and felt my tummy churn.  A burger with bacon, mozzarella, BQM BBQ sauce, onion ring and garlic aioli can do that to you.  Diona, however, opted for the BQM.  Also asking for a brisket cut, done medium well, her burger was topped with caramelized onions, horseradish and garlic aioli.  I had the expectation that BQM’s burgers were massive so Diona and I both skipped the sides knowing we would be full just on their burgers alone.

It didn’t take long and the burgers arrived.  My burger was so visually impressive that I wanted to photograph it for a long time.  Problem with that was that as I was taking my pictures, I literally have a headache from hunger.  The unmistakeable burger aroma wafting towards me was plain torture.  I gave in after I made sure I had my shot for this blog and sank my teeth into it.  Just like the first time I tasted BQM’s burger during The Grid TO’s burger week,  I was in awe about the flavor and how well-seasoned the meat was.  It sure hit the right spot and as I have predicted, the burger alone gave me a satisfying fullness in my tummy.  I take a look at Diona and she was way ahead of me, finishing her burger in a heartbeat.

Glancing on my own plate, my demolished beautiful burger was no more.  This foodie was quite happy that there was no shortage of quality burgers in Toronto.  I do recommend for burger lovers to drop by any BQM.  Had it for two times and at each time I walk away happy.  That should speak volumes. :)

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