Come and Get It by Spadina and Queen

Posted on June 30, 2012


It has been a while that I have blogged about my food trips.  As my classes wrapped up, my schedule leading up to it was definitely crazy.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been going around indulging with Toronto’s food finds.

One restaurant that has been in my radar for some time now was the not-so-temporary Come and Get It!  by Spadina and Queen St. West. It initially started its business last January disclosing to foodies that they were in a temporary agreement with the landowners of their site.  Their address were being developed to become a new condo called FAD.  They are to be given 30 days notice to move out once the construction begins.  Now five months later, the restaurant still stands and it stands with a queue of foodies lining up for its good food.

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I finally get my chance a few weeks ago and I came in the company of my partner in crime, Abraham Wornovitzky.  The restaurant would transport you back in time as it was adorned with remnants of the past, Barbie and NKTOB lunch boxes, a vintage Mac, Archie comics and a row of VHS tapes with box-office hits of old.  Recycled materials were used for furnishings and fixtures and a wall was painted a cheerful red, bordering on fuschia.  Coming by the counter to order our food, two massive blackboards listed three menu items: sandwich, salad and poutine.  Each item can be made with the second list’s options: Chipotle Beef Short Rib, Hawaiian Pork Belly, Granny Smith Chicken Caesar or Herbed Crunchy Green Beans.

Before coming to the restaurant I have my heart set out to have the Hawaiian Pork Belly poutine and Abe went for the Chipotle Beef Short Rib.  As Abe and I came after the lunch rush was over, the food came very quickly.  Normally, each time I order a poutine, I only eat half of it as it tends to weigh me down afterwards.  This was one of those few times where I literally finished it as the dish was so irresistible.  In my head I kept on saying, “Just one more bite”.  In no time, I realized, I cleaned off my styrofoam container, devoid of even one fry.  Of course my friend Abe called me on it as I always tell him to not finish a whole serving of poutine when we go for poutine.  I just sat there smiling and not even bothered to justify my whole meal to Abe.  It was really too delicious and to leave one morsel was inconceivable.

I also got a bite of Abe’s sandwich and everything about it was spot on.  The crunch of the slaw topped over the tender meat was absolutely satisfying.  There was a quick minute that I wished I ordered his choice but when I looked at my poutine, that regret melted away.  I could always correct it by coming back and trying out Abe’s sandwich.  I am just not sure whether the restaurant is going to be there.  But no matter if they have to shut down at Queen St. West and Spadina,  I think this foodie would follow them to where they relocate.

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