The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder

Posted on July 14, 2012


For the last 6 months I have planned to try this restaurant but one way or the other, I never seem to get there.  I have heard so many oohing and aaahing over it, it was literally agitating to me that it took me five times of scheduling before I got there. The last 6 months have been a flurry of activities and I have been guilty of over-scheduling.  Last Thursday, I finally make it to The Stockyards Smokehouse & Larder at Bathurst and St. Clair.  To be honest about it, that night we almost did not make it, arriving at the restaurant at about 8:40 pm.  I was half-expecting that they turn us away  but we were greeted by a line that still spilled onto the sidewalk.  Lucky me that this place has sustained its popularity for a long time now.  I was definitely sure I get to enjoy it despite my tardiness.

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The place was tight with the kitchen eating predominantly half of the restaurant space.  Standing in line, I could not believe that it was already almost 9pm.  The open kitchen was flanked with a bar and was full of people and the flat top was full or sizzling burgers.  I had to squeeze myself sideways to get to my friends Eunice and TitaFlips a.k.a Diona.  I sent them to line up ahead of me while I parked my car.  Catching up with them and waiting in line, I stood there getting entertained with the vibe of the restaurant.  Yup, they didn’t look like they were going to shut down anytime soon.  We finally got our turn to be seated and we squeezed ourselves on the side bar.

As our food arrived, despite feeling famished, I still went on my usual flare of snapping pictures.  I have read so many good things about the beef brisket sandwich and the way it looked was not helping my grumbling tummy.  Presented on a cast iron  pan with red checkered sheet, the beef brisket came piled generously between toasty bread and a side of hand-cut fries.  Diona opted for the The Stockyards’ pulled pork sandwich.  Just like the beef brisket one, her food was a massive tower of pork and slaw sitting on a toasted bun with a side of fries.  Eunice , in turn, picked the beef brisket sandwich just like I did.

I must confess I did not take too much pictures as I was really hungry.  All that waiting and I don’t think me fussing over styling the sandwich was something I would like to do that moment.  The first bite of the sandwich was so satisfying.  Very tender and very well seasoned, the caramelized onions kicked the beef brisket up one more notch.  I finished one half of the sandwich in a matter of minutes.  Diona invited me to taste her pulled pork too and I must say, I still prefer the beef brisket.  For someone who always loved pork, that should be telling how good the brisket was.

When we were done eating, it was way past 10pm.  I was glad that they still took us in and I can finally have closure to my frustration of broken plans and overscheduling.  One frustration out-of-the-way and a happy tummy surely was a good way to end the day :)
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