Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken

Posted on July 5, 2012


Every now and then I find some time to browse through the several subscriptions I have online.  One of my most favorite was Toronto Life as it always gave me new ideas on which places I should do my next food trip.  This recent one pointed me to Paulette’s Original Donuts and Chicken at Leslieville.  Something about the concept of packaging their product retro style peaked my curiosity.  And when my scheduled yesterday got freed up, I was on my way east.

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Parking opposite Paulette’s by Queen St. East, the place was a standout with its cheerful mint-green façade.  From the outside looking in, I see that there were no tables to try the chicken on site.  They did have some stools by the window and another antique bench outside so I mentally made note of where to bring my food.  As I walked in, the appearance of the crew I did enjoy.  White aprons and bow ties with matching retro white hats, it felt like I stepped back in time.  The crew by the cashier bright red lipstick color totally made the package retro credible. Most of the time, I suppressed asking restaurant crews to pose for my blog but this time around I just could not help myself.  Good thing as the crew seemed to be camera ready, with big smiles for my camera.

When I got my turn to order, I asked how the selection works and she explained to me that their chicken came in snack and half-chicken sizes with three varieties for dips (Graham’s Burning Hot Sauce, Maple Chili Dip and Honey, Mustard  & Herb)and two dipping salts (Garam Masala Salt and Sumac Oregano Salt).  Seeing the mustard grains on the sample she showed me, I chose they honey mustard option with my chicken.

I was indecisive with my choice of donuts whether I’d go by the Garam Masala Sugar Donut Dots or the Raspberry Royal.  I always loved my sweets with a contrast of tartness and was leaning on the Raspberry Royal.  What was not good was they were already sold out of my choice.  Ah well, that should teach me to come earlier :p.  Looking at the display window once again, what caught my eye was the Blueberry Balsamic donut.  That should also give me that tart-sweet balance I was looking for.  I didn’t have to sacrifice not choosing the Hot Donut Dots as 4 pieces came with my chicken snack box.

After I collect all of my treats, I was feeling guilty as I walked out from Paulette’s.  Tuning out my guilty conscience,  I opened the packets one by one to style and photograph.  As I tried making the honey mustard dip camera-ready, I dip in my finger and licked to taste.  That was not such a bright idea tasting it before taking pictures.  I hurriedly take a few pics and pinched off a good portion of the chicken.  Crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, the chicken was really comforting.  With each chicken piece I dunked it generously to the dip and it was absolutely satisfying. I loved that the chicken was not hiding in a thick layer of breading and that Paulette’s offered other dipping options other than the conventional gravy.

Half-way through one chicken, I remembered to take a peek at my donuts.  I didn’t want the hot weather to change their appearance before I can get images of it.  As I pulled the Blueberry Balsamic out of the packet, I was impressed that it did not look tired and sticky at all despite me belatedly giving it attention.  The glaze was bright and just beckoned you to take a bite.  And a big bite I gave it.  I was happy to say that the flavor was what I was looking for and the sweetness was not over the top.  Just the way I like my donuts, fruity and flavorful.  Lastly, I take a note of the Donut Dots.  I was curious about how a Garam Masala Sugar donut would taste.  I thought it would be overpowering in spice but it was actually mellow.  Maybe it would be more prominent if the donuts were piping hot.  At this point, I was craving coffee.

For a few minutes after my meal, I sat by the bench and leisurely checked out the other shops at Leslieville.  Maybe I should hang out in the east more often.  This find was certainly a good food trip! :)
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Update : The storefront is closed but orders for donuts can be made online. – 2014