Sweet Flour Bake Shop

Posted on July 16, 2012


I did not intentionally plan to blog about Sweet Flour Bake Shop.  But as I was walking pass this shop on a sweltering summer day at Bloor West Village,  its ad of ice cream sandwiches was hard to resist.  Feeling hot and sticky, I needed something to cool me down fast.  When my friend, Valerie and I entered the shop, I started understanding that it was not an ordinary sweet tooth’s haven.  It was a shop where one can pick what goes into a cookie, a parfait or serving of frozen yogurt.  I loved the concept that one can have their personal choices to pacify their need for sweetness.  It was so original.  Having an array of toppings of sweets, nuts, chocolates and fresh fruit, the possibilities were almost infinite.

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Now I am not really one that falls over a good cookie.  I love baking them but I always end up giving it away.  As for the ice cream, I tend to not crave them.  One can leave me with a luscious cake (ok, maybe don’t trust me with a dark chocolate kind :D ) and it would still be there when you come back.  Sweet things I can live without.  Savory and salty were the ones that I have trouble resisting.  But on a hot sweltering day, I know I can get fast gratification of a cool down from an ice cream. Seeing the ad, I hoped for a lighter version with the same cooling effect.  Looking at their menu, I chose the frozen yogurt.  The option came with the choice of three toppings and I picked dark chocolate chunks, cranberry pieces and pistachios.

The serving was of the perfect size and I was quite happy that the frozen yogurt was not overwhelmingly sweet.  The tartness of the cranberries and the nuttiness of the pistachios blended well with the chocolate and the yogurt and  I was one happy camper.  Whoever was watching me eat might not believe that I really don’t crave sweet things as I know I looked liked it was something I was addicted to.  I ate it fast enough that I looked like I have one big sweet tooth.  At the end of it, I did feel the difference of being cooled down.  It was one good frozen yogurt, that one.  I believe I would want another serving of it any hot day. :)

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