The Good Fork

Posted on July 16, 2012


Each time the weather is perfect on a summer weekend, I always feel the need to get out and enjoy it.  This weekend was no exception.  When my friend Valerie asked me out for a brunch, I readily said yes and I scoured for brunch places close to Bloor West Village.  What caught my eye was The Good Fork.  Very high in rating, I went to the restaurant’s website and I ended up bewildered with their menu choices.  There was so many things I wanted to try in their menu!  I half-wished they would have some sort of tasting menu as I want to try more than half of the items that was listed.  As I was driving to meet Valerie, I was still tossing in my mind whether to go with the Spanish Hash or to try the Bruleed Pound Cake French Toast. Totally undecided, I thought I’d run it by Valerie when I get there.

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Walking towards the restaurant, I saw Valerie’s bike parked directly in front of the restaurant.  It doesn’t show too much what was inside as the windows were tinted one way.  Walking in, the restaurant was full and I could not find Valerie.  With the intent of calling her, I see a text that she was on a good spot on the second floor.  I completely missed the flight of stairs with my first scan being tucked discreetly on the right and was a definite second in attention compared to the open kitchen that took up much of the floor space.  A quick run with the restaurant’s flight of stairs, I see how good Valerie was to me.  She picked a table by the window.  I guessed for the countless times that she was with me when I go out to eat, she knew that I wanted as much natural light as I could get to do my blogging.  Haven’t I said countless times how good a friend Valerie is? :D

As I sat down, I told her of my indecision what to order.  She was in the same predicament, wanting the Bruleed Pound Cake French Toast or the Lentill Soup too.  But after reading what was with the Spanish Hash, she was just as bewildered as me which one to take.  I proposed we split Spanish Hash and the Bruleed Pound Cake French Toast and was so happy that she agreed.  Like YAY!  I didn’t have to wait until my next visit for one or the other.

We whiled away the time with good coffee as we waited for the food.  Brewed fresh and so smooth, I had two cups before my food arrived.  I believe I would be bouncing off the walls for the night.  After a while of conversation for updates of each other, the food arrived neatly plated on white plates.  I hurriedly took my pictures and Valerie and I traded half of our plates with each other.  With each bite of my Spanish Hash, I wanted more.  It was quite addicting.  I could easily finish one whole plate of it.  As for the Bruleed Pound Cake French Toast, it was perfect on its own.  I don’t think it needed more maple syrup nor butter that came with the dish.  It had the right amount of sweetness and richness with each bite.  Normally when I eat a meal, I often reserve the last bite for my most favorite component of the dish.  It is a quirk of mine that I like my last taste to be my most favorite.  I was amused at myself that I could not decide whether to leave one bite of the french toast or one bite of the Spanish Hash.  It was the menu bewilderment all over again!  LOL.  So I left small components of both dishes and I squeezed it all on my fork for a perfect bite.  I know it was weird how indecisive I was.

Now if I do go back, my dilemma is going to be if I do a repeat of the two or do I try the one of the Bennies or Cornmeal Waffles or The Good Fork’s popular Mac N Cheese?  Try reading their menu and I think you would end up just like me.  Only solution to it is to just come back, don’t you think so?

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