Caplansky’s Deli

Posted on August 13, 2012


I have been a fan of Caplansky’s discovering them through FoodTruckEats events, that when my friend Diona Joyce, aka TitaFlips asked me to come with her to go to Caplansky’s Delicatessen, the invite didn’t need any arm twisting.  I was planning to go for their smoked meat sandwich towers but when I got there, something else caught my eye.  It was beef bacon.

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I arrived the deli a few minutes earlier than Diona.  It’s façade was easy to find knowing the blue logo from the Food Truck.  I might sound too funny as most people know the deli first and the food truck second.  I got lucky finding free parking north of College St. and Brunswick Avenue, another plus that I always appreciate whenever I dine in downtown TO.  Walking towards the deli, I saw that there was a spacious patio at the side street but seeing the coziness of the interiors of the restaurant, I asked Diona if we could sit inside.   Tables adorn one side of the space and a display case of desserts was opposite of it.  Caplansky’s signature bright blue paint on the wall behind the counter was toned down by framed media articles, grouped in a collage.  It has the feel of a diner, relaxed and easy going.

Now going back to that menu, even though I had my heart set on a smoked meat sandwich, I changed my mind when I saw beef bacon.  I have never tried one and I thought it should be interesting to see if it came close to pork bacon.  Most turkey or chicken bacon often leaves me with regret.  Beef as savory as pork, it might have better chances of matching the taste.  To have it, I ordered “The Special” which came with eggs, latkes, rye toast and apple sauce.  Diona in turn ordered a sanwich with Caplansky’s famous smoked meat and pickled tongue.

Getting there a little bit earlier than regular dinner hours, the service was fast.  I was right about the bacon.  If I for any reason have no access to pork bacon, I would pick this beef bacon.  It is a good alternative to the conventional one I am used to.  Diona’s sandwich was very hearty.  Such a tall tower of meat.  As the server made the mistake of forgetting to include pickled tongue on her sandwich, she delivered belatedly a small plate of the pickled tongue. We ended up with generous servings of the smoked meat and pickled tongue to finish.   If I were to choose my sandwich, I think I’d go for a tower of the pickled tongue, as it was really tender and flavorful and it is more to my taste than the smoked meat.  That is not to say that I don’t like the smoked meat one.  The aroma alone can make you hungry.

So just like everyone else, I think I’ll add another accolade for Caplansky’s.  How can you go wrong with tall towers of his signature smoked meat?  But do save room for the other items in his menu.  You might get a good surprise just like I did. :)

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