The Rooster Coffee House

Posted on August 24, 2012


On my way home one day from Leslieville, I passed by the length of Broadview where you can see the expanse of the Toronto skyline through a big park.  I once did a shoot here for my friend and personal trainer, Dwayne Walker .  I used every moment of that shoot to get back at my trainer, making him do poses repeatedly as payback for all the pain I have to go through doing his routines.  Suffice to say that was a day when my evil twin came out.  LOL.  After the shoot, we went and recapped at this comfy coffee house just right in front of the park, The Rooster Coffee House.

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Wanting to gather my thoughts and plan my days ahead, I decided that day to stop by The Rooster Coffee House once again.  There were a few residential streets where you can park for free or take one that has parking meters right in front of it.  After a few minutes of walk, I sauntered off into a cozy place where you hear the silent buzz of coffee brewing, porcelain mugs touch down in a clunk on its matching platter.  Looking around, it seemed to be just like any other coffee shop in Toronto.  Patrons attention deeply connected with their laptops, tablets or smartphones, enjoying unlimited free WiFi while sipping coffee.  What was different though was that this coffee shop has an old world feel of a living room.  Lush leather chairs and hard wood benches, an old luggage easily took on the role of a side table, casually draped with an old worn hat.  This coffee shop has a definite relaxed ambiance that makes you want to slouch with your own big cup of coffee and maybe pair it with the pastries they sell right up the counter.

So I claim one leather chair and got me a cup of coffee and a ginger cookie.  I seem to be addicted to this variety.  I love that the cookie built my interest as I broke it up piece after piece.  I saved the piece that had a candied ginger for last.  It was a tiny little thing at the middle of my cookie and it gave the right zing and sweetness that made the perfect ending to me savoring my treat.

Looking at the paper that have held the cookie I finished gobbling up, I realized I did not really get to do what I set out to do.  I took too much leisure in enjoying a cookie and a coffee.  Funny, I did not seem to mind too much :)
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