Poor John’s Café

Posted on September 8, 2012


Each time EyeCandyTO shoots for a client, my adrenalin would be on an all-day high.  I would literally would feel no hunger, thirst nor fatigue while on the set.  The moment I step out, I would immediately start crashing with tiredness and a dose of caffeine would always be a good idea to get me home.  Knowing that fatigue would eventually set in, I asked my partner, Abraham Wornovitzky, to start searching for a café close to work.  Perusing over Urbanspoon, he found Poor John’s Cafe just a few doors down.  Perfect spot for me and Abe to swing by.  He was just as much in need of a caffeine fix as I do.

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Approaching the café, I immediately fell in love with its massive window in front of the café.  It actually cheered me up that there wasn’t anyone sitting by the tables by the window.  Blogger’s table, I always say.  Walking in, this café would be somewhere I would love to do a shoot in.  Vintage chairs and tables, white-washed brick walls and well-worn hardwood floors could be a photographer’s playground.  I initially asked for a Diet Coke but changed my mind when the server recommended the cold fruit juices.  The idea of a lemonade seems so good an idea I actually forgot to ask for anything caffeinated.  Abe, meanwhile, went for Cucumber Lime and asked for shortbread cookies to pacify his sweet tooth.

Our fruit juices arrived and that burst of color that was set in front of me gave me my second wind.  Abe and I started our usual styling and shooting as if we weren’t been working enough earlier.  Our earlier whining about being fatigued long forgotten as again we played with our food.  Finally taking a sip, I was glad that I listened to the recommendation.  A cold and comforting fruity lemonade was just what I needed.  I savored the rich berry taste of my drink.  Abe shared his drink with me and raising the glass, the aroma of the cucumber wafted and that sure got me interested.  Very clean in taste, the cucumber lime was as comforting as my blueberry lemonade.

This was just the perfect day.  A job ending well and a cool lemonade as a pat-in-the-back, I sat back very contented as a slurp noisily the last drops of my lemonade.  ;)

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