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Posted on September 9, 2012


I have seen good reviews about Emma’s Country Kitchen for a little over a month now.  Because of my hectic schedule, it was only today that I was able to squeeze it in.  I justified coming here today making it my source of my birthday gift for my good friend Monika.  I do have this habit giving food as gifts.  Seeing they have a pantry, I should be able to find something for her at Emma’s Country Kitchen.  I was to meet Monika for lunch today and I made my trip early to Emma’s Country Kitchen to get myself breakfast.

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Finding it was easy on St. Clair West, just about 4 blocks west of Oakwood Avenue.  Being there early, finding parking on St. Clair was easy too.  Entering the restaurant, I saw it was bustling with the early risers, more than half of the tables were occupied.  I see that the place was family friendly, squeezing tables side by side to accommodate big parties.  There were several bar tables by the front too and a big picture window conducive to relaxed eating and coffee drinking.  The place gave an aura of friendliness and coziness that would make someone want to come back every weekend for another serving of comforting breakfast.

Before coming to Emma’s Country Kitchen, I have already decided I would be getting an Eggs Benny.  I only did not say it right away as I was half-expecting that might have some daily special not in their website.  Seeing it was the same menu, I asked for the Eggs Benny and coffee.  As I waited, I looked around some more and loved the accessories that they have all around the restaurant.  Vintage bottles for vases, red-checkered ribbon fabrics accentuated  jars and the most impressive one was the chandelier made of cutlery hanging by the front of the counter.  The eclectic sensibilities of the design were curated very well.

After a short wait, a crew came and placed a white cup of coffee in front of me.  I was most pleased of its freshness.  One can tell when there was so much crisp bubbles on the surface.  Take a peek on the images I have captured and imagine how soothing it was to a person who clearly needs a caffeine jolt (translation: sleepy me!).  The Eggs Benny came and of course I do my usual snapping of pictures.  Sitting on one of the bar-tables and having my back to the rest of the restaurant, I did not see that I actually sparked the interest of some of the patrons of the place.  One came up to me and asked me if I were a food stylist.  I found it so amusing when I responded that I was a food photographer.  She looked a little bit surprised as if the idea was sudden possibility.  I also caught the eye of co-owner Heather Mee as she handed me the business card of the local artist who created the light feature.  Remembering that I was supposed to get a birthday gift for my friend Monika, I asked for suggestions and details about what they have on their pantry.  The attention that Heather gave everyone she interacted with in the restaurant was of genuine warmth.  It was like having a conversation with a friend.  After a while, she reminded me to start eating as my food might start getting cold.

Sneaking a few more snaps of my plate, I finally sliced through my poached eggs.  Slicing the perfect bite, assembling slices of the egg, Canadian bacon and buttermilk biscuit, I gulped it down in one swish.  Utter yumminess.  I must have a stupid smile of contentedness.  Everything on that plate I would eat on its own but having them all together was stellar.  And like icing on the cake, one of the crew asked me if I wanted a coffee refill.  Still with my mouth full, I made an affirmation mmm-ing with a big smile and adding nodding motions of my head.  He then returned with a new cup.  I remember thinking this day was really getting better and better.

Finishing my breakfast I headed back to check out their frozen retail.  I picked up Peach Crumble and frozen chocolate chip cookie dough for Monika.  I imagine this would be very well received.  If I weren’t meeting my friend for lunch, I would have picked up some frozen food for me too.  Ah well, I could always come back even for no reason.  Yup, that line of thinking really suited me well. :)

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