Salad King

Posted on September 28, 2012


All this time I have been puzzled by Salad King.  For all the time that I have spent at Ryerson University, I have never come across it.  It boggles the mind when I used to be almost always in search of another place that would not give me a sandwich or a wrap during my days at Ryerson.  The Chinese place I know were a little bit farther away.  It would have been convenient to come to Salad King when I have so little time to spare driving all the way from Mississauga.  Monday this week, I finally got the time to walk again by Yonge and Dundas with my friend Diona Joyce.  We just finished off a meal at Sansotei and were full but I was too curious about Salad King and it was just a few streets away.

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We finally found it and now I understand why I walked pass by it.  The restaurant was on the second floor with a small entry way/stair well by its first floor.  Once inside the restaurant, I was surprised of its size.  Recently updated and with bright vivid paint on its walls and celing, a mix of long communal tables and smaller booths on the side, it was clearly not what I expected this place was to be. I can now understand why this restaurant was popular.  With cheap prices and easy availability of seating, for a student-with-little-time-to-spare that was priceless.

After checking out the menu, I had a moment of indecision between Pattaya Chicken and Orange Chicken.  The Pattaya Chicken won me over as I was in the mood for a zing of heat.  Seeing that they offer different levels of heat, I stayed conservative and just asked for one chili.  I should have asked for more because once I received the chicken, it gave a zing in the background at the first taste but it was too quick to go.  I wish I was braver.  Diona on the other hand ordered Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup and Chicken Satays.  Diona was happy that the soup was comforting after the chill of walking through the streets of Yonge.  Both of us too full to finish our ordered food, it became a tasting instead.  The chicken satay was moist and tasty but there was just no way that I can finish the food.

Now that I finally saw and tried Salad King, I now understand why it was so popular.  The owners knew the demographic it was after and it catered to them in every possible way possible.  I wish I knew of them when I was a student myself.  They would have cured my craving for Asian food without denting my budget.

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