Big Smoke Burger

Posted on September 29, 2012


When my friend, Helen, volunteered to jump on a train from Mississauga to downtown Toronto to meet me, of course, I readily said yes. I tried to find an interesting area close to the Union Subway Station and decided we just go walking towards the St. Lawrence area.  Looking for recommendations from Urbanspoon, I decided to engineer a route towards Big Smoke Burger.  It was a nice night for a slow relaxed stroll and a good burger on the end of the trek would be a nice reward.

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After a series of lefts and rights going towards King St. East and Church St., we finally located the restaurant.  Walking in, I liked the appearance right away.  Relaxed and straightforward, big bar tables greeted us as we walked in.  Towards the end was a glass covered kitchen and a counter with big black boards for menu.  Looking at the menu, the place have a variety of gourmet choices and I settled for their house special.  Personally, I love onion rings over fries so I had an order of that paired with my burger.  Helen opted for the same and we settled and waited for our burgers.  They have it explicitly stated on their burgers that the wait time was about 8 – 10 minutes as each burger is hand-crafted and made to order.  I wasn’t worried about the wait as I know Helen and I would have so much to talk about.

I didn’t think it was that long and one of the crew placed two plates of burgers on our table.  I think I have given the photography bug to Helen as she gamely joined in taking photos of the massive burgers in front of us (she even beat me in posting the images in Facebook!).  Biting into it, the juices was dripping off my burger.  That burger was the real deal. It was good quality meat and it gave a satisfying thump on my belly.  Helen and I had to walk it off once again before the night was through.

That night was a good night.  A good meal while keeping up-to-date with a good friend, I have nothing to complain about.  :)
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