Harbord Bakery

Posted on October 4, 2012


Accompanied by Abraham Wornovitzky today, we spent the afternoon scoping the site for a future photo shoot for a client.  I don’t know whether it was the brainstorming we did or driving through rows of restaurants by Dundas West that Abe started to have a serious craving for something sweet.  It was quite amusing to see Abe try to keep a semblance of propriety when he looks like he’d rather climb the walls in agitation over a craving.  I resisted teasing him about it as I do want a snack too (Or did I reserve all the teasing in the form of a blog post? I think this is my evil twin speaking) .   What I have in mind for a snack though was something savory, not sweet.  As we were driving past Harbord St., Abe remembered Harbord Bakery would definitely have something that would pacify his sweet tooth.

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Walking inside, I was surprised of its size as it didn’t look too big on the exterior.  On top of being a bakery, it had a small grocery of chilled prepped food, a display case of decadent chocolate truffles,  a hot-food counter and even a gift shop.  There was a lot going on around me, I didn’t know what the check out first.  I started snapping pictures as I go through each display and shelf.  When I reached the hot-food display, I stopped when I saw a 9″ spinach quiche.  It looked absolutely beautiful to this foodie’s eyes.  My smile got bigger when I saw that they had single portions in smaller aluminum trays.  I located my savory treat!

I looked for Abe and he seemed undecided of what to get along the rows of cookies and biscottis.  I must admit I did consider something sweet, passing by the pile of espresso chocolate cookies.   As I have way too many sweets at home (stacked up already for this weekend’s Thanksgiving dinner treats), I resisted the impulse.  Abe seemed with less will as he walked out of the bakery with about $20 worth of goodies.  He generously shared his bounty and I think I regret not picking my own bag of those spicy cheese sticks with sesame seeds.

Getting back to base, of course we did our rounds of fussing and taking photographs.  The spinach quiche did the job of pacifying my need for something savory.  This light and fluffy eggy treat left me licking my lips after each forkful I take.  The portion was quite right to give that satisfaction of a good meal.  It gave me comfort and I just wanted to melt and end my day daydreaming and not to keep on working.   Good thing I still wasn’t home and Abe was there to keep me functioning.

I am still thinking of those espresso chocolate cookies.  Maybe the next time we drive through Harbord Street, I’d be the one with the sweet tooth and demand to pass by Harbord Bakery.  I doubt Abe would deny me that craving.  ;)

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