A Night at the Dish Cooking Studio with Abe

Posted on November 3, 2012


I have met my EyeCandyTO partner Abraham Wornovitzky about 3 years ago in a one-week intensive food styling course  at George Brown College.  Back then I thought it would be useful for me to enroll for the course to understand a food stylist’s perspective.  I thought it would make me a better photographer to understand the people I would be working with.  Little did I know that the person who stood beside me then would end up as my business partner.  We happened to have side-by-side stations at the kitchen then.  I could remember wincing how sad my chicken breast dish looked beside his shrimp canapé on a very vibrant blue plate.  LOL.  It was then I knew I would stick with my camera and not aspire for being a stylist.  Last year after I left my old job, I contacted several classmates that I had in that workshop to do a collaboration.  Suffice it to say, it was Abe and I that made sense.  I found a person who was complementary to my taste and aesthetics.  I found a person who gets excited with making food photogenic as much as I do.  I have found a kindred spirit.

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Just like I do, Abe teaches too. Abe has recently joined the instructors of The Dish Cooking Studio and tonight I had the pleasure of being Abe’s lazy sidekick.  He was supposed to observe for the night to see how the class flows.  Since the night was scheduled to be a couples night, he was asked to bring a friend.  I loved it that my partner thought of me and did all the cooking too.  Having Abe for a partner really do have its perks.

The menu was assembled by Chef Maggie Grant and after brief introductions, she broke our party of 10 to 5 groups.  The menu included LA Korean Short Rib Tacos, Texan Gorditas with Chorizo, Southwest Tequila Chicken with Hush Puppies and Cornbread Blackberry Cobbler with Frozen Custard for dessert.  Abe volunteered for the taco station and naturally did all the work.  I did feel a slight twinge of guilt for not helping but I do know better.  Abe was pretty much in his element when he is in the kitchen.  I think it is when he cooks that he is most happiest and he is most giddy when he plates.  As he went through the motions of making the tacos, I played the paparazzi, snapping here and there, snacking on deep-fried hush puppies with dabbles of maple butter.  You could say I have a smile from ear-to-ear.

Guilt again went on a second wave as I was credited for the yumminess of the tacos despite not working.  LOL.  Chef Maggie was very generous in the compliments as the tacos were stellar and very filling.  It was then followed by a hefty and spicy gorditas.  By this time, I was feeling full.  Then came the chicken sitting on a bed of brown butter collards.  Even if I was full, I found space for those delicious brown butter collards.   The chicken, in the meantime,  I could not finish.  It was just too much food!  Good thing, the organizers thought ahead and provided containers for me to pack it for home.  Last on the line was the scrumptious dessert, Cornbread Blackberry Cobbler with Frozen Custard.  Abe and I both agreed that the corn bread added so much to the dish.  The sensation of its texture on your mouth, coupled with the tartness was so memorable.  I believe it was my favorite for the night.  That says a lot as I am never a dessert kind of person.

After the meal was done, I sat contemplating about the life I lead now.  Ah, the simple joys of sharing a good meal with a good friend.  Never really grows old. :)