DT Bistro

Posted on November 3, 2012


If there is one restaurant that my EyeCandyTO partner Abraham Wornovitzky never stops talking about, it is DT Bistro.  He never fails to comment how the desserts were beyond good.  This past Halloween night, we finally found time to try it and now I am a believer.

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As we walked in through the doors, your immediate attention would be grabbed by the distinct display case of pastries and tarts to your left.  Despite being a full-service restaurant, I have the impression that the biggest crowd-pleaser could be found sitting prettily on the display case.  I have this swift want of bringing my studio equipment on site and start photographing the beautiful creations that were in front of me.  I did feel hungry though for something savory.  Abe then asked to be filled in about each pastry and as I was listening to what comes with each dessert, I found myself getting lesser and lesser interested in having a savory meal.  Maybe Abe was right.  Dessert and coffee was the better option. As the display case contained a bewildering variety of beautiful desserts, we based our choices on which one would photograph the best.  I asked for the sophisticated looking Grapefruit Champagne Parfait and Abe went for the Flourless Chocolate Dome.

We moved on to the restaurant and finally I gave the interiors more attention than the fleeting glances I did earlier while it was in competition with the display case.  The high ceiling was adorned with a most impressive light feature, rows of elegant deep banquet seating line one wall  and big windows flank its opposite side.  The room has an airiness of simplicity and comfort.  Abe and I naturally chose a table that were positioned with the best ambient light.  We both intend to max out photographing the desserts we ordered.  As the desserts came, we resisted long enough to get the images that pacified us.

As time finally came for us to eat the Grapefruit Champagne dessert, it was heartbreaking to see Abe slice through it.  It was really too pretty I wanted it to last that way for a while.  I used my own fork slicing through the Flourless Chocolate Dome and I was surprised on the texture inside.  As I took a bite, I was surprised at the warmth of the light sponge cake inside.  I was half-expecting that the cake would be dense but it turned out to be light yet it was so rich and chocolatey.  The warmth of the cake definitely added to the pleasant experience.  Abe told me that the Grapefruit Champagne Parfait, on the other hand, was perfect in its harmony of light, fluff and sweetness.  Of course I just didn’t take his word for it.  We traded plates and we indulged on half of the other’s desserts.

Ah another one ticked off my lists of to-go restaurants.  Although this one, might have to be a mainstay on my list.  It surely requires more visits from me. And I would be willing to make them happen.

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