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Posted on November 20, 2012


Most weekends I still work and this past weekend was no exception.  There is indeed no rest for the wicked!  What was good about this job was having to work for a good friend and client TitaFlips aka Diona Joyce also entailed good eats before we started the shoot.  We initially planned on eating brunch by Bloor and Bathurst at a new,  up and coming brunch destination yesterday.  That did not come into fruition though as I have forgotten that it was the same weekend for the Santa Claus parade that have closed the access roads to Bloor from Christie to Jarvis.  It was a few minutes going round and round the merry maze of one-way turns about the residential area north of Bloor before Diona and I decided to retreat back up north to St. Clair for sustenance.  Quickly checking Urbanspoon, I prayed that Boom Breakfast would have a table for Diona and me as my tummy was growling with hunger.

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Arriving St. Clair and Oakwood, I was lucky enough to find a parking close to the restaurant.  My heart sank as I see some patrons spilling onto the street.  It could only mean that there was a waiting time.  Just being prudent, I went and got myself listed for a table for two and was told that the line in front of me only would cost me 15 minutes.  That wasn’t so bad after all as I was still waiting for Diona to walk in.  As I waited, I tried checking out their menu to pass on the time.  Diona caught me in a middle of my indecision what to eat.  There were a lot in the menu that sounded interesting for a hungry foodie.

As the receiving crew came back to check the length of the line, they asked who were willing to sit on the bar.  I was so happy that Diona was in agreement with me that the bar was a good place to be in.  Being in a restaurant with an open kitchen, a bar seat for a blogger meant a good vantage point that gave better view of what happens in the kitchen and what happens in the dining room at the same time.

Another crew asked if we could start our meal with coffee and I was probably too enthusiastic for a caffeine boost.  LOL.  It was almost noontime and I still haven’t had a dose yet, ergo, the joyful reception.  The house brew was smooth and comforting.  The meal was indeed starting on a good note.  I went over the menu once again and wrestling through my indecision, I finally settled with Waffle Charcuterie (that came with scrambled eggs and generous serving of bacon).  Diona opted for a Traditional Benny Sent Me (Eggs Benedict).

Service was quick enough and the food arrived and sure was appetizing to my eyes.  Good thing about having brunch was there was ample light that I did not need to fuss too long to get images for my blog.  I was too hungry to be too picky or too demanding.  The waffle, paired with sweetness of the syrup was a good treat and my pile of waffles got demolished in no time.  I got to taste Diona’s Egg Benedict and I particularly liked the added note of the smokiness of the pork loin underneath the creaminess of the egg.  Should I come back here again, I think I would not make the mistake of choosing anything over those Egg Benedict.

Amply full, we were finally ready to start the shoot.  Keep in tune of what the winter offerings of Diona’s Kanto.  To give you a hint, it would be one to give your tummy that much welcome warmth this coming cold winter months :)

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