Rasher – Permanently closed

Posted on November 21, 2012


My usual routine to wake myself each morning was to check all the subscriptions I have on my Inbox. Last Tuesday morning, while trying to will myself to start my day, I started reading Toronto Life’s latest post and one recent opening caught my eye. It was the introduction of Rashers, an all-bacon sandwich shop at Leslieville. I have repeatedly have confessed my undying love for anything bacon in this blog. Despite my tight schedule, I made the time to go to south of Toronto on the same day I read the article. The idea of a place solely dedicated to bacon was too much for me to resist. I have high expectations that Rashers would deliver if they were ballsy enough to only sell gourmet renditions of the all and mighty bacon sandwich. From the images I have seen at the Toronto Life post, it looked so promising. I justified to myself that there was no reason to wait. I just have to try it right away.

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Rashers was easy enough to find as it was the new addition to the rows of good eats along Queen St. E and Carlaw. It was just almost right across the street of Paulette’s, another personal favorite. Finding parking along Queen St E, I was tempted to skip and hop towards Paulette’s too. Ah well, I was able to resist it and headed towards Rashers. There would be another time for donuts. That day was going to be all about bacon.

From the street, I could already see the vibrant personality of Rasher, decking its façade with bright red retro school armchairs. Very striking signage fitted well with the other businesses along Queen, adding interest to the increasing eclectic mix of Leslieville. Walking in, the space was small but very well utilized. A row of bar stools flank the right wall and the window and a large Toronto mural fitted onto the left. My eyes were drawn to a feature wall filled with bacon trivia and I promised myself to nerdily read every type. LOL. I proceeded to read the menu but still asked for recommendations. The person behind the counter, turned out to be one of the owners, Richard Mulley. He immediately recommended Rashers’ signature sandwich, Hogtown Sandwich. This bacon sandwich was peameal bacon on a bun with house-made brown sauce. It had options to add an egg or a cheese and I opted to up the ante by adding an over-easy egg. Just the thought of it now as I write this blog still make my mouth water.

It did not take long when they handed me my sandwich and of course I brought it to the bar-height window table to do my paparazzi treatment of this bacon beauty goodness. The moment I bit into the sandwich, I was especially impressed with how the house-made brown sauce sliced through the richness of the sandwich. The added tartness of the brown sauce completed this bacon experience. Finishing my lunch, I approached the counter again as I could not resist finding out what was in the sauce. I failed to ask the name of one of the crew who proudly told me that the brown sauce had a whole host of ingredients. The few I remember was that it was an amalgamation of dates, molasses, Worcestershire sauce, paprika and so much more. Co-owner John Clark told me that it would be soon available for retail at Rashers soon enough. Another big plus to Rashers business in my opinion.

Walking back to the car, I silently patted myself in the back of making the time to come to Rashers despite fatigue setting in. Rashers was indeed a good find. This place I would go back again and again. Bacon love nom nom nom always!

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