Dareseekers and a Giant Matzo Ball

Posted on February 23, 2013


This past few weeks I have taken a hiatus as it seemed that I was full to the brim with things to be busy with.  I came to that point where my work, both as a teacher and as a photographer and my personal day-to-day all demanded attention at the same time.  Not that I am complaining.  I am quite happy that I am now a busy bee.  So please pardon my absence.  I think that uphill climb is over for now and I am back to my food trippin’ ways. :D

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I did somehow found time to squeeze in to check out a charity event.  Dareseeker.com through Aiden Parker, approached me early January to witness their attempt to produce a 500-lb Matzo ball.  I am embarrassed to say I have never tasted Matzo ball before and I have already been the recipient of a lengthy how-could-you-not-have-eaten-matzo-balls-before lecture from my EyeCandyTO partner, Abe.  He has yet to rectify the error by cooking me some soon enough (When Abe?).   Anyway, the thought of a massive Matzo ball was enough to get my curiosity peaked.  Despite all the chaos of my schedule, I found time to check out when they cooked it and when they presented it.

As was explained to me by Aiden, and brothers, Alex and Spencer Shafran, Dareseeker was trying to make an effort of encouraging youth awareness.  To do this, they organized Beit Halochem charity event to get more people on board and what better way to introduce a factor of a dare to get people to come.  They sought to make the biggest Matzo ball.  With the help of Bagel World kitchens and The Hoxton as venue for the display,  I must say I was impressed with what Aiden, Spencer and Alex have done.  Good intentions, good determination and that satisfaction of achieving what you set out to do, what is not impressive in that?

What they have ended up doing and achieving:
– Ingredients of ball: 150 Pounds of Matzo Meal, 1200 eggs,  9L of Grapeseed Oil
– Preparation time: 5 hours
– Cooking time: 30 hours  (Alex Shafran, Spencer Shafran and Aiden Parker took shifts checking the ball every 45 minutes to change the shape and add water.)
– Successfully transporting the massive Matzo ball from Bagel World in North York to The Hoxton by Bathurst and King St. W.

Congratulations on creating the biggest Matzo ball ever.  Thank you for letting me witness it.  It was a pleasure to see a good intent finishing so well. :)

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