Thompson Diner – Permanently closed

Posted on February 23, 2013


It has been several days that Abe and I were contemplating of finding Eggs Benedict.  Seeing a diner just right beside where the Dareseeker event was,  Abe and I decided to try it out hoping to find this breakfast item.  It was hard to miss this diner as it has that old-world feel of a neon sign predominant in the darkness of the sidewalk.  Walking in, I could see that they have the standard diner dark tufted booths and glossy tables.  As it was already a little past dinner time,  finding a table was not a problem.  I was glad of that fact as my stomach was already giving me swift kicks, reminding me to give myself sustenance.

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Settling down, I went over their menu and found that there were no Eggs Benedict.  That forlorn look dissipated when another food item got my attention, The Fat American.  How could I ignore the idea of having bacon and sausage stuffed pancakes?  The Eggs Benedict could certainly wait.  Abe on the other hand was wanting a sandwich and could not settle on several items.  Upon recommendation from our server, he opted for a New York Foot Long Hotdog with Sauerkraut, Relish, Tomato Chutney & Dijon Mustard.

It didn’t take long for the food to arrive.  I was much overwhelmed with my plate as it looked like I am supposed to share it with a family of four!  I did eat as much as I could but I could only muster denting 1/3 of the pile.  “Ah gluttony, gluttony, glutton!”, that little voice kept singing in my head.  It stopped me from eating some more.  LOL.  I must say this one would only be a one-time experience.  The pancakes richness was good to know but was way too much for me to consume in one sitting.  I look at Abe and he has finished his foot-long hotdog saying the mustard sure did kicked it up a notch.

It was sure interesting to try sausage and bacon stuffed pancakes but I still crave Eggs Benedict.   Ah well, you could expect, there would be a brunch post soon enough. :)

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