Greenbelt Birthday Tweet-up #GreenbeltBday

Posted on February 27, 2013


About a week ago I received an invitation from Naomi Carniol of Environmental Defence to come and join them celebrate Ontario’s Greenbelt birthday.  About 8 years ago, protection was given to Ontario’s farmlands, green space, forests, wetlands, watersheds and the small towns around it.  This was to identify acres of land that would be dedicated to local farming and stagnate the progress of aggressive urbanization that would cut Ontario’s ability to produce its food locally.  The movement sought self-sufficient methods of producing food and supported small local businesses along the 325 km stretch from Northumberland County to the Niagara River.  Yesterday, a birthday celebration of this achievement came in a form of a tweetup  at Cafe Belong at Evergreen Brickworks.

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Accompanied by my EyeCandyTO partner, Abraham and good friend, Diona Joyce, a.k.a TitaFlips, we arrived a little bit late. As we entered, the place was already bustling with people busily taking samples of the generous spread of food that were locally sourced and was skillfully translated to an amazing meal by Chef Brad Long.  It was good to finally meet several foodies that I follow on Twitter and to see and converse with them personally.  Even if I enjoy partaking in social media, nothing beats meeting and witnessing the enthusiasm of a fellow foodie.  Any excuse I have to talk about food, I take! :)

When the speeches started, I appreciated the highlights that Sarah Winterton (Acting Executive Director of @Envirodefence) and Chef Brad Long pointed out to us.  It is indeed important to know where the food comes from and the motivation of the people who tend to it.  I do think people would value and appreciate each bite if they know what goes through producing.

Congratulations once again to the friends of Greenbelt movement and Environmental Defence.  May the span of Ontario’s Greenbelt expand further and the local bounty be richer! :)

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