King Palace – Temporarily closed

Posted on March 18, 2013


My usual day always start with me teaching my class that would start at 9:30am all the way to 2:00pm.  My break time was mostly spent on clearing my head before I continue my class. Lunch always takes a back seat until my class finishes.  On days that I have to go downtown for EyeCandyTO shoot or meetings, I have to rush and drive right away after class.  There were days when I just skip eating.  Some days, the hunger was worse than others.  If it was a day I am especially hungry, one restaurant that I do a quick stop was King Palace.

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King Palace boasted rich comfort food from India and Pakistan.  The reason this place has caught my attention was that it was always filled with patrons even when it was pass the lunch hour.  I figured the food was good to have that kind of popularity.  I finally found a day a few weeks ago to try it.  On two different occasions, I ended up two different curry dishes.

The restaurant was a straightforward cafeteria fast food.  Tables with formica tops were available for those who have the time to stay in.  On one wall featured a row of pictures of possibilities of combinations that could be ordered.  Nothing too complicated.  Just what I needed when I am starving because of taking lunch too late. At both instances, I ordered the food to go.

My old friends in GSK have taught me how to appreciate authentic East Indian dishes.  I have developed a tolerance to spicy foods because they always have been generous to let me try their home-cooked meals.  My most favourite of them all was a dish called Palak Paneer.  It was a slow-cooked spinach curry with fresh Paneer.  It has a very smooth, velvety-feel to it that even cooked outrageously spicy, I still eat it.  I ignored the burn just for the pleasure of experiencing its taste.  So suffice it to say, I am always looking for that sensation of smoothness.  I use this knowledge to judge how good the curry was in a new Indian place I try.  Back in Mississauga where GSK was, I have my favourite Indian restaurant where I know Palak Paneer was always good.  But I am yet to find my go-to East Indian restaurant downtown. I am happy to say that the Palak Paneer at King Palace was just the way I wanted it.  Each spoonful was deep in flavours, signs of a kitchen that has good command of developing rich comfort foods.  It was like eating lunch again with my old friends.

The second time I came back, I was half-tempted to have another serving of Palak Paneer.  I changed my mind though when I saw another tray holding Butter chicken.  Admittedly, this dish might be too cliché, but somehow I thought it was a good day to try it.  After having a few bites, I patted myself in the back for finding out another good dish from King Palace.  I almost did not share my food with my EyeCandyTO partner, Abe, as I was eating too much of it.  I did catch myself on time and left some for him to taste.  We were both in agreement that it was even better than the Palak Paneer.

Now I have my go-to Indian/Pakistani restaurant downtown.  Quite useful to be on my list.  You never know when you crave something spicy hot. ;)

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