Chef Yan – Permanently closed

Posted on March 27, 2013


I found myself in Pickering last night.   My sister, Ayen, asked me to drive her there to do an errand. One thing I could never resist on doing while in Pickering was swing by Chef Yan’s Chinese Food.  I discovered this take-out Chinese joint years ago when I used to visit Pickering twice a week to do dragonboating.  My friend, Tere,  and I would justify eating loads of food here telling ourselves that we would burn all the calories after all the mad paddling that we do while dragonboating.  One of my most favorite out their menu was their spicy chicken wings.  Last night was a chance to indulge in it again.

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Priced really cheaply, an order of this item would give you about 12 wings of crispy breaded chicken wings, tossed in with a load of garlic bits and chili flakes.   Just the smell of this could make me hungry.  As I know that it might be awhile that I would be able to come back again at Pickering, my sister and I decided to have two orders of the spicy chicken wings and one order of Chef Yan chicken wings (tossed with garlic bits and black beans) for Gabrielle and Jeremy.  Although the heat was not really that strong to burn, we thought it would be a good thing that Gabby can cop out on the spice if she finds it too much for her to tolerate.

As they only do takeout service, we brought our hefty bundle of  chicken wings home.  As always, it was torture that I have to smell it and not be able to eat right away.  I remember that I used to be skilled at eating and driving once before when I have Tere on the passenger seat.  So good right down to the bone!  Soon as we were home,  Ayen and I did not even bother to put it into plates and started snacking on it on its takeout containers.  I must have a silly smile on my face as I bit into the crispy garlicky breading and the savory chicken meat inside.  I believe I ate four in a row before I started talking once again.  LOL.

If you do plan to check out how good this chicken wings are, take note that they would be closed for the first few days of April to go on a vacation.  Don’t take it out of your future food trips though.  Chef Yan’s spicy chicken wings is always worth the side trip when in Pickering.
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