Lola’s Kitchen – Permanently closed

Posted on March 19, 2013


Looking back, it has been just a little over a year since I have hung out with my friend Diona a.k.a TitaFlips.  It doesn’t feel like it was that short a time.  Because of the crazy schedule that she keeps between her storefront, Kanto and catering business TitaFlips,  we have readjusted our foodie cravings for brunches and lunches instead of our previous dinners.  Last weekend, we were wanting some early indulgence and went out for brunch.  This time around, we headed to Lola’s Kitchen by Church, south of Bloor.

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It was easy enough to find as the restaurant signage was a burst of red colour admist the grayish winter.  Walking up its spacious deck, I wished for a speedy spring.  A few more steps, I realized there was a line up on the door.  I prayed that it wasn’t that long.  The receptionist said that it was about a 25 minute wait for a table.  Diona and I decided to stay as we reasoned every other brunch place on a Sunday morning would have the same waiting time.  Not wanting to be cold, we scooted inside and waited for our table by the stairs.

As we waited, we looked around and I like the balance of the dark matted walls and the curated pieces of art.  Taking a peek upstairs, I like the touch of whimsy with the light feature, made of multiple clear spheres of light bulbs.  At that particular time, I mentally wished to have a table on the second floor.  But being in a crowd like that morning, it would be wise not to be too choosy if I wanted to eat as soon as possible.

Five minutes later, one of the crew approached us with a pile of vegan chocolate cake to munch on.  It was sure surprising how moist and chocolatey it was.  I would have never thought of it as vegan.  Sugar rush was a good incentive for us to stay.  First time I have seen a restaurant to have such a thoughtful service.  Plus points for sure.  As I was finishing the last of the morsel of my cake, we were already called to be seated.  I didn’t think that it was really a 25-minute wait. It was less than 15 minutes.  To top it all, the server told me we were to walk upstairs to get to our table.  Another two pluses in my book.

Just like most of the places I go to, I read all about this brunch place before I got here.  Perusing their menu, I have my heart set on the Brunch Bowl.  It promised a symphony of flavours by combining sweet & new potato hash with caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach, pork sausage, cheese curds topped with 2 eggs cooked your way.  I opted for poached eggs as I imagine that creaminess would surely elevate all the other components of the dish.  Diona, in the meantime, went for the Eggs Benedict.  It would have been my choice if I was not seduced by the promise of a pile of spinach, sweet potato hash, cheese curds, sausages and poached eggs. All ingredients definitely sang its way to me . :)

As the plates I arrived, by my meal’s visual appeal demanded attention.  Served in a big white deep dish, it looked like something that would come out of my kitchen.  That comfort was a good sell to me.  I did not take too long to take the pictures as I was too hungry just looking at it and I was happy each morsel did not disappoint.  I was glad I opted for runny poached eggs as the creaminess of the egg yolk added richness to the perfect bite of spinach, curds, mushroom, sweet potato and sausage.  I was one happy diner.  You should be expecting that I sneaked a taste of Diona’s Eggs Benedict and tasting its hollandaise sauce.  What made it exceptionally different was the fresh notes of dill.  Not bad at all.  But I think I still would prefer my brunch bowl over the Eggs Benny.

Another place to add my growing list of brunch to go to.  I must say, I don’t mind this change in my going-out habits.  There are certainly good eats in Toronto like Lola’s Kitchen that would be worth the rise early in a Sunday morning.

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