Posted on April 6, 2013


One of my most favorite places in Toronto was the Indigo Store at the Manulife Center.  I could literally entertain myself in the store going from shelf to shelf, stop by Starbucks for a latte and then go back and browse in the magazines section or their novelty items.  There are so many things to distract me in this place.  If through all the novelty items I wade through, I still keep on thinking about one thing I fiddled with, I more often than not, leave the store with me happily smiling with what I procured.

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The only thing that used to cut my stay short was that I started feeling hungry.  Most of the places around Indigo were coffee shops which normally would mean cold sandwiches or a lot of sweet pastries to pair with coffee.  Asian that I am, I always correlated meals to something hot, savoury and hearty.  I only resorted to cold sandwiches when I really don’t have any option.  This time around, when hunger set in, I found myself in front of Scaccia, an Italian restaurant.

Standing in front of the menu, I saw several that peaked my interest.  Not knowing anything about Scaccia, I went for a safe dish, penne with pesto cream and sun-dried tomatoes.  I figured that it would be too hard to mess up the dish.  I was especially encouraged when I saw them prepped my food after I ordered.  While I waited I took some pictures of the façade and the other items that they sold for take-out.  There was a good selection of pasta, sandwiches and pastries.  It didn’t take that long before they handed me my brown bag of food.

The serving was sizable and the pesto cream sauce was generous.  Each time I bit into a penne, warm pesto cream came gushing out.  It surely was a good thing, making the meal more tasty.  The serving came with a crusty bun and I tore small pieces and wiped it on my plate.  In a few minutes, all penne and bread was history.  I must say, my Indigo lounging days would be more frequent in the future.  And in that future, I intend to try the risotto.  :)

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