The White Brick Kitchen – Permanently closed

Posted on April 6, 2013


Last Friday, I was walking along Queen St. West about the Parkdale neighbourhood, wanting to try some BBQ. Knowing that the place was trending in Urbanspoon, we came early and was around the area at about 6pm. Walking in, I was already asked if I wanted to be on list and might have a 45 minute wait. I should have been there the moment they opened. My EyeCandyTO partner Abe and I ended up both starving. We tried to get into another restaurant and got pointed to another list and another wait. Ah well, it must not be the night I should be dining in Parkdale. I then started to look at Urbanspoon for other possibilities and I asked Abe what he felt like eating. He told me he wanted something filling and hearty. Then he mentions the words “fried chicken”. And it was like a light bulb shining in my head, I decided to bring Abe to The White Brick Kitchen.

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The last time I was here, I ate the same item. Every Friday, The White Brick Kitchen featured Fried Chicken and Waffles. I told Abe of my first visit and told him that it was definitely wicked fried chicken. Looking at him, I thought he would reserve judgement until he actually tasted it. We had our disagreements before. But I knew this one was a winner. It was too good to not pass Abe’s standards.

As it was close to 7pm, we called to check if we can reserve a table. They told us that a table was available so we drove from Queen St. West to Bloor and Manning. Walking in, I saw several tables marked reserved. I was once told that the fried chicken and waffles do run out fast on a Friday night and they have to break the news to a disappointed latecomer. I was confident we wouldn’t be one of those people. Fried chicken would make it to my tummy.

I knew that the serving was massive, 4 pieces of chicken and 4 pieces of corn bread waffle. Because of that, we decided to split on order of fried chicken and waffles and order the Pepper Jack Burger with a side of kettle chips. It was their other feature of the night, a tower of a hamburger pattie topped with the usual suspects plus fried onions, spicy mayo and Pepper Jack Cheese. We asked for a burger without the cheese and our server later agreed that we can have more onions to replace it. Not a bad idea in my head.

Both plates arrived at the same time and after a round of pictures, I stole one of the kettle chips. It was the perfect potato chip, season appropriately and really really crispy. I wanted bags and bags of it! I let Abe take first dibs at the burger. He cut it in half and when he bit it was followed by a very contented sigh. I was happily eating the fried chicken and had a slight twinge of food envy when I watched Abe rave about the burger and the kettle chips. We traded food and then I watched Abe rave about the fried chicken. He was feeling so generous he told me The White Brick Kitchen was his favorite out all the places I brought him to.

Now I got two favorites from this place. I still plan to come back here once brunch morning. I have my eye on their pumpkin pancakes in the fall and probably their Banana Bread French toast too. I should have another write-up of The White Brick Kitchen in the future. :)

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