#LuxMexAvocado with @MissAvaCado and @KennedyCatering

Posted on April 22, 2013


When I received an invitation from Faye Clack Communications Account Manager Joanne D’ Souza to come and attend a brunch to feature avocados, I did not even think about it and accepted the invite.  I am fond of avocados as I grew up eating them as sweet smoothies or ice popsicle.  It was only here in Canada that I got to sample it in savory applications.  My most favorite avocado rendition is for it to be squeezed in dark rye with smoke salmon, cream cheese and dill.  The idea of having avocado in all the dishes in a brunch was very appealing to this foodie.

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I was tardy as TTC was slow this Sunday morning.  Meeting up with my EyeCandyTO partner, Abe, we strolled in into the affair and it was already about 80% full.  I see that most of the best seats were taken.  After introductions with the hosts, I found a familiar face in the crowd, Alexa Clark.  Making my way to her,  there was only one seat left.  I figured, we would just squeeze both Abe and me, shouldn’t be a big deal.  In no time, the event have started.

Joanne then gave Chef Matthew Kennedy an introduction.  As he started, I understood that it was like a classroom kind of event.  As Chef Matthew cooked, we were given tips and facts about the avocado.  Now while I am almost always a goody-two-shoes student, I must say this was the best class I have been in.  Listening and learning about avocado and getting to sample it was my idea of learning.  Alexa was tweeting as most that she could but keeping up with Chef Matthew’s tips was a challenge.  Too many good tips!  Who am I to complain?

For the brunch, we started with shrimp with a guacamole dip, avocado & herbs wrapped with thin sliver of beef and fresh spring rolls with avocado, carrots and herbs.  It was a good start indeed.  I have never considered wrapping avocado in a spring roll wrapper.  I might even take this further when I make my version.  I’ll roll it and deep-fry it!  Yup!  I think that does sound promising. :)

When we were all settled, he then started making the Avocado Tartar on a Sweet Potato Crisp and started handing it out one by one.  I must say I love the presentation.  The sweet potato crisps cradled the Avocado Tartar prettily with its random wavy edges.  Now what does a food photographer like me do when I see such eyecandy?  I photographed it incessantly of course.  LOL.  Good thing I was in good company as all four of us at the table were all preoccupied getting the perfect shot. Not only was it pretty but it was tasty too.  I remembered the pile in his bowl before Chef Matthew started the assembly.  I believe I could finish that whole pile if he would let me.

The next dish that followed was my favorite for the brunch.  It was Charred Tomato and Avocado Salad with Fior di Latte, Confit Garlic, Kalamata Olives and Baby Arugula.  Yes!  For all of you who know that I am a shameless carnivore, my favorite for the brunch was the vegetarian dish!  Must be strange but all that I just listed was in good harmony in the plate I devoured.  I wished there was some bread or a way I can put all the juices into my fork.  Abe told me he was tempted to lick the plate. I was actually thinking of egging him to do it but thought twice after seeing his expression. He just might if I pushed.

The salad was then followed by Smoky Chipotle Chicken Breast with Limed Spiked Salsa.  My chicken was moist  and the salsa made it richer and added tartness.  But I think I was distracted with what was happening in the kitchen as I was eating.  The table where we were sitting was at the back.  So by the time that the food arrived, Chef Matthew was moving on to the next dish.  As I was finishing my chicken, he was already talking about making the dessert.  Now how can you concentrate if you have the promise of chocolate?

Looking to the copy of the recipe that was provided at our table, I see that the recipe was vegan.  What was interesting about it was that he folded avocado into chocolate to use as icing for the cake.  The most memorable avocado tip I got for that brunch was that avocado can be substituted for butter on a 1:1 ratio.  I was in awe about the consistency that the chocolate icing seem to be.  It was thick and it has a that luscious sheen that I believe it can fool anyone that it was not the traditional chocolate icing.  Taste-wise, one can tell that it was not the usual chocolate cake.  It kinda grows on you with each forkful of cake you eat.  Like what Chef Matthew did say, flour-less chocolate cake was always well-received no matter who the crowd is.  I haven’t met anyone who would willingly walk away from chocolate.

The brunch sure opened my eyes for many more possibilities for my favorite avocado fruit.  I think the next time I go back to the grocery, avocado and spring roll wrapper should be on my list.  Can’t wait to take Chef Matthew’s idea for a spin in a deep-fryer!  Thank you Faye Clack and Chef Matthew for the invite.  This foodie sure loves avocado more after all that food! :)