Made in China HotPot Restaurant – Temporarily closed

Posted on April 27, 2013


Last week, my friend Tere was craving for some hotpot.  Admittedly, when she mentioned it to me, I was interested right away. We used to go to hotpots years ago more often than we do now. The general idea was that the place was setup eat-all-you-can and a pot filled with your chosen broth goes into a rolling boil on the table. To it, you would add fresh ingredients of your choosing. Cooking all the ingredients on the spot, you dine with what you throw in the pot.

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Unfortunately, our favorite hotpot place shut down their business years ago. Tere found another place that does the same thing. One late night, Tere, my sister Ayen and I went to Made In China Hotpot Restaurant.  We found out earlier that they have discounted prices if you walked in by 10pm, so we all arrived late.  When we were finally seated, we found out with the discounted prices came a shorter list of ingredients we could eat.  We ended up selecting  the regular dining menu, to have out extensive list of fresh meats, veggies and seafood.

The table we were ushered into were quite comfy, meant for 4 but might be able to squeeze 6 people.  The place was quiet and less busy so we got the attention of the server pretty easy.  We asked for fondue beef, chicken and pork, watercress, spinach, mushroom, fish balls, beef balls, squid balls, egg noodles, green bean glass noodles and soft tofu.  We also asked for curried fish balls and squid.  Seemed a long list and it got even longer as apparently, they give also a starter platter when you order the dinner menu.  The platter included shrimps, enoki mushrooms, button mushrooms, oysters, mussels and salmon fillet.  I was sure glad I skipped dinner at my regular hour.  Just by looking was enough to make you hungry.

To the hotpot, we ordered a chicken/pork broth.  To it we added minced garlic, green onions, chili and shrimp paste.  The smell of hot soup was really making my tummy growl.  It was good that the hotpot came with a partition on the middle.  Adding a basketful of noodles, watercress and spinach, we added the meats on one side and the seafood on the other.

Most of the ingredients have really short cooking times.  In less than 5 minutes, we started eating and what a feast it was.  Just what I remembered from years ago.  Deeply flavored broth with succulent ingredients freshly cooked was always a winner.  I know I wouldn’t make it too long when I would want to come back to this place.  It was a comfort I used to have and I don’t intend to forget it once again.

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