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Posted on May 2, 2013


Today I was a little bit indulgent.  Maybe it was the sunny day that has me in such a good mood.  Maybe it was that I have some hours to kill in the middle of the day.  Today I indulged in another guilty pleasure which was chicken wings.  Today, I quieted down guilt with a pound of these yummy wings from Drum N Flats.

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Twice every week, I passed by this pub.  It was like torture to read about them but not to get to try as I was always in a hurry going south to downtown. When I do head back north, it was too late in the day and I am too tired to make a pit stop.  Today, my appointment downtown was scheduled late in the afternoon and I had two and half hours to burn before my EyeCandyTO partner, Abe, needed me.  So today, I got to spend my free hours eating chicken wings.

What made this place unusual from your usual pubs was that if you were a chicken wings fan, they give you the option to select what part of the wings would be served to you – the serving to be all drums, all flats or a mix of both.  Whenever I have wings, I always have a weakness for the flats and I do my little pout if what I am given have more drums than flats.  Today it was such a treat to have it all the way that I want it to be.  I should say I was more than indulgent and I should start listing all the synonyms to explain my giddyness.  I try to search for other words and one thesaurus website gave me “gluttonous”. This word I think is just about right.  LOL.

The restaurant was easy enough to find as it was on Avenue Road.  Walking in the restaurant/pub at 3pm, the place was empty, save for a few patrons drinking beer at the bar.  I opted to sit by the patio, loving the fact I have enough light and I have a choice to have a good vantage point for blogging.  It was not hard to imagine that it would be full during the main dining/drinking hours.  I just get that gut feeling about this pub.

And while we talk about being indulgent, let me raise the ante and say what I ordered was Drum N Flats Hog Ranch chicken wings.  This original came with all flats dipped in ranch sauce and bacon bits!  Now the meal just got better and better.  Anything with bacon was good!  I sure have guilt more than whispering in my ear, hoping for me to listen but I did not hear anything.

When my wings came, it sure was packaged to entice.  Presented in a tin tray with checkered paper, it was downright photogenic.  Biting into it, I like it that it doesn’t hide the wing in thick batter.  Just a dusting to give it texture, it was crisp and very well seasoned.  Each flat was actually on the bigger size so even if the serving was meant for 1 person, I think it was enough for sharing with another person.  I so wished I could have a beer with it as the sunny day just beckoned for a cold pint.  Ah well, I realized I just could not have everything.  So I stopped pouting and tried my mightiest to finish the food.  My server swung by and asked me how I was.  To that I flippantly responded “If I die of a heart attack now, I prolly have a smile pasted on my face. Wings with bacon?  How could you not?”

Ah finally I get to try it.  I sure would want to come back another time to try another chicken wing original.  Maybe I should start setting up beer meets up at Avenue Road. Get out and enjoy the sunny weather.  I so did this afternoon :)

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