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Posted on April 28, 2013


There was a time when most of the places I dine in was in Mississauga. That was because I used to work in the area. Every now and then I do head back to see the good friends that I miss. When I was invited by Lien Tran of &Company Restaurant and Bar to try out their new menu, I was already scheming how to spend the afternoon in Mississauga. As my EyeCandyTO partner Abraham was not available, I thought then the person I must bring was my good friend Helen. I haven’t seen her for a while and it would be good to catch up with each other and have fun experiencing a new menu.

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We met up a bit earlier and got updated with each other’s lives. It was just like riding a bike. You never really forget how good a conversation could be when you are with a good friend. We later then went together to the restaurant. I must say it was very well-organized. As soon as I approached the reception, Lien found me right away. The interiors were leaning on the sleek style, with dark walls, small tables on the sides, communal tables on the center, plush seating and stainless accents on its chairs. From what I saw in their website, it was meant to go from dining to a show and to a late night club. As we walked further on, we headed to a sunken area. I could only assume that space converted to the dance floor (I found later that I was right in my assumption!).

We were then given a table right at the sunken area. I look around and I see some familiar faces of other bloggers that I follow. They seem to have invited a crowd for the event. I rarely drink but it seemed fitting for the restaurant that we were in. Helen went for the Coconut Mojito and I asked for the Rocks Margarita. It has been a while that I had one and was glad that it came and gave me that refreshing tartness that I really like. We then ordered food and Helen and I decided to go with two sharing plates and two from their traditional menu. Looking at the list, what caught my attention was Crack Chicken and Helen wanted to go by the Lobster Tacos. I talked to her out of it and we ordered &Co. Sliders instead. I had the full intent to have their Surf & Turf for my main and because that was with a lobster tail, I wanted to have another flavor and texture. For her entrée, Helen chose Kahuna Salmon.

As we waited, I furtively looked at my left and my right for what they have ordered. I saw that the lobster taco was quite popular. Later on, as we talked to Owen, the manager, he told us it was one of their bestsellers. I promised to consider it once if I found room after we ate what we ordered. The table right beside us was ahead of us on their meal and their table gave us a preview of the food that was coming out of the kitchens. I started understanding everything came at a big scale. I might not have space for an extra lobster taco after all.

We didn’t have to wait too long and our server Lindsey came back with our sharing plates. I must say I love their presentation. The Crack Chicken was in an iron cast bowl. The presentation was really tight and very photogenic. After my usual round of pictures, the crack chicken lived up to its promise, crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside and was well-seasoned. The &Co.Slider was picturesque too, coming on a wood slab. After another round of pictures, sinking my teeth into one slider for a bite, it was juicy and have a zing for a finish. Quite interesting to this foodie, I finished two of the three (insert big grin here!).

The mains arrived and both plates were once again impressive. Helen’s Kahuna Salmon was decked out with macadamia, coconut and pineapple chipotle relish. Mine was equally distracting. My Surf and Turf came in a wooden slab, plated as a trio, starting with a lobster tail sitting on a mango and fennel slaw, followed by a double-cheese baked potato and top sirloin with pearl onion jus. For a minute, I was repentant eating the second slider. The table to my left was very kind to give me additional light for my pictures. I found out that they were Joseph and Ivy of foodlover360.com. I got lucky that they were sitting right beside me. Otherwise, it would have been a pity to have such a beautiful plate and not be able to share it.

I have to admit that I was excited about the lobster. I always have a thing for seafood and lobsters could really make my day. First bite and my heart melted with its luscious, plump, buttery taste. The mango fennel slaw was a refreshing break to the lobster’s richness. Taking a slice of the steak, I can see its succulent pink center. Tasting it, I can attest that it was as good as it looked. Despite all that food, I managed to sample Helen’s Kahuna Salmon. The salmon was fresh and made sweeter by all its garnishes.

As we were finishing our mains, Ivy and Joseph were already working on their dessert. Helen and I decided we were getting the same thing. It was an impressive mound of sweetness, Brownie and Cookie Stack. Finishing my main, I asked for a second drink and this time I tried their Pink Lemonade. Helen opted for coffee to pair with the dessert. As we waited for our own tower of sweetness, owner Patrick Marzouk, came by and made sure that we stayed the burlesque show that was slated after dinner. It was another layer of interest to &Company Resto Bar. I didn’t realize that we were there for almost two hours already. Time passed by so quickly when you are having fun.

Thank you to Lien Tran for the invite to come to &Company Resto Bar and to Lindsey  for the wonderful service. &Company And Resto Bar’s good food and the company of my good friend Helen sums up to a very good night. Just what this foodie needed. :)

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